4th International Conference Minding Animals – Mexico City

4° Congreso Internacional Minding Animals – Ciudad de México

Centro de Exposiciones de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Auditorio Alfonso Caso and Anexos de la Facultad de Derecho

ORGANIZAN: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás y Minding Animals International Inc.

ASISTENCIA: el pago con descuento termina el 30 de septiembre de 2017

PONENCIA: la fecha limite para registrar resumen de ponencia es el 2 de octubre de 2017

PARA REGISTRARSE: aquí se encuentra el tutorial en castellano

Más información

ISSN 2462-7518

All delegates please note:

  1. Presentation slots may have needed to be moved by the organisers, and may appear in a different place from that of the final printed programme.  Please consult the schedule located in the Conference Programme upon arrival at the Conference for your presentation time.
  2. Please note that presenters have to ensure the following times for presentation to allow for adequate time for questions from the floor and smooth transition of sessions.  Delegates must not stray from their allocated 20 minutes.  Further, delegates are welcome to move within sessions, therefore presenters MUST limit their talk to the allocated time.  Therefore, Q&A will be AFTER each talk, and NOT at the end of the three presentations.  Plenary and Invited Talks – 45 min. presentation and 15 min. discussion (Q&A).
  3. For panels, each panellist must stick strictly to a 10 minute time frame, before discussion with the floor commences.
  4. Note that co-authors may be presenting at the conference in place of, or with the main author.  For all co-authors, delegates are advised to consult the Conference Abstracts link on the Minding Animals website.  Use of the term et al is provided where there is more than two authors of an abstract.
  5. Moderator notes will be available at all front desks in tutorial rooms, along with Time Sheets (5, 3 and 1 minute Left).  Moderators will also be requested to provide public notices if and when required, such as at room exit points, and for announcing and collecting Scoring Sheets for presentations to be considered for Conference Awards.
  6. Conference presentations will be made for the Best Presentation, Best Student Presentation, Best Poster and Best Activist Presentation.  You will also have been asked to indicate whether you wanted consideration for an award on your registration form.
  7. Note that moderator slots may also have changed.  Moderators are requested to refer to the Final Programme.

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