Travelling with pet animals

Can I travel with my pet by ship/ferry?

Yes, you can travel with your pet as long as the passenger presents beforehand the animal’s health card, as in the other cases. The transport of animals will take place in the spaces of the shapes specifically designed for them, with the exception of guide- and assistance-dogs, which may accompany the passenger at all moments, (Search in database: “guide- and assistance-dogs”) or as a general rule when the animal is of a small size, in which case, it case travel with the passengers in the cabin (though this depends on each company).

In two months time I have to travel to Germany with my cat, is it necessary to have a special document to leave Spain with my cat or is it enough to have his health card?

As of October 2004, to travel with a pet to countries in the EU and third party countries which accept them, it is necessary to have an EU passport for the pet. This has a unique number (ISO code of each country) with the information about the owner, DNI (National Identification Number), address, city of residence and country. It also includes the name, the species, sex, breed, age, the animal’s electronic identification number and the vaccines which the animal has received. These are created in English and in the official language of the EU country in which the document is processed.

Can I travel with my pet by train?

Yes, you can travel with your pet by train, respecting the conditions that the company establishes especially. For example, in Spain, RENFE admits the transport of animals, which will have to go provided with the primer of health, which maximum weight does not exceed 6 kg, with the exception of the dogs - guides or assistance, which they can accompany the passenger on independence of the weight of the animal. To see in database: " dogs he guides and of assistance ".

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