The book "Animal transition in Spain" presented in "La entrevista" of TVE

Transición animal en España"

We share with you this interview of the journalist Conxa Parramón, made by the TVE news.

The author, Marita Giménez-Candela, refers to the changes that have taken place in the social and legal field in the treatment of animals in recent years. The book gathers the author's living memory about the appearance of Animal Law in Spain, a country where almost nothing existed before the 21st century. In the last ten years, the author has been a "front row" witness to the cultural and legal change that the new prominence of animals in Spain has brought about. In fact, the way in which Spanish Law and society treat animals has changed, and this has been brought about by the pioneering introduction of Animal Law Studies, at an academic level, which has encouraged a new generation of professionals who not only speak out in favour of animals, but also work as "lawyers" for animals. For this reason, these writings represent an authentic source that builds an account of the efforts, challenges and commitments that this transition has required in Spain.

The questions to which this book provides answers include: how has been and how is the legal treatment of animals in Spain?; has culture been a driving force or a brake on improving the legal protection of animals?; what was the landscape of the Animal and Law studies 10 years ago?¸ what progresses has been made?; are these changes also related to the creation of the first website and the first collection of books with legal content on animals in Spain? academic studies (Degree and Master's) and editorial changes have contributed to the development of the debate on the animal issue?; this evolution will finally lead to a change in the legal status of animals, the desobjectification of animals?


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