New case of abuse against horses in Albacete without any seizure of the animals

On 13 August, the Civil Guard informed that eight horses had been found presenting symptoms of abandonment and malnutrition in a stable in Huerta del Peral (Albacete).

J.L.S.A, the animal caretaker, and P.S.A., who had signed a contract with the animals’ owner to take charge of maintenance, have been charged for these events as the presumed authors of the crime of animal abuse.

The animals remain in the stable, awaiting the pertinent veterinary permits, being fed by volunteers of the animal protector association Arca de Noé [Noah’s Ark]. This circumstance is the case as the animals’ owner has not been charged for the events, according to source of the Civil Guard.

Source: %0D%0A">La Tribuna de Albacete

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