Modifications in the text of the Municipal Ordinance of Barcelona

This past March, the Municipal Government of Barcelona published a modification that intended to enact an animal ownership ordinance in the city.

The PSC [Socialist Party of Catalonia] and the ERC [Republic Left of Catalonia] have proposed modifications which would ensure that the text does not include all the modifications that were initially planned.

Among other modifications, we should highlight the one-year moratorium on prohibiting letting dogs run free (we remind you that it included a fine of 1500 Euros for these situations). Another modification is the disappearance of the prohibition of giving food to any animal in a public thoroughfare and that fines are reduced practically in half.

On 15 April the new text was approved, and now it will be open for public exposition for a month, with citizens allowed to present amendments. The final vote will be in the month of June.

Source: El País

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