Absolved the owner of a dog that killed another dog and attacked the other’s owner

The events took place on November 20 in Barranco Hondo (Tenerife). A woman was walking with her two Yorkshire Terriers, while another woman passed by with another two dogs, one of which was a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd broke free from its leash and leapt onto one of the two Yorkshire terriers, causing its death and later attacked the second terrier, which was in its owner’s hands, thus causing bite wounds to the woman.

In the trial, the Public Prosecutor attempted to find the owner of the German Shepherd guilty of a misdemeanor against general interests as established in article 631 of the Penal Code, requesting a two month fine of six Euros daily, a payment of €200 corresponding to the veterinary costs and a reimbursement of €1,700 for the emotional damage and injuries suffered by the owner of the Yorkshire terriers.

The sentence absolved the owner of the German Shepherd, understanding that the requirements established in the Code were not met, considering that “the animal’s fierce or dangerous nature was not established” and that the German Shepherd was not loose, but rather “it escaped”. The sentence is not final.

Source: Gomera Noticias

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