Eduard José Cunilleras

Eduard José Cunilleras
Miembro UAB


  • Equine Medicine and Surgery (Veterinary Degree)
  • Advances in Equine Medicine and Surgery (Veterinary Degree)
  • Veterinary Clinic Hospital (Veterinary Degree)
  • Postgraduate programmes in: Internship in equine medicine and surgery, Residency in equine internal medicine, and postgraduate courses in equine clinic.


  • Fundación Hospital Clínico Veterinario, UAB, Equine Internal Medicine Service: from 2008 to present
  • Care activity in "The Ohio State University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital" 1997-2001; "Animal Health Trust" UK 2004-2006, and private veterinary hospitals in England 2006-2008.


  • Expert in Equine Internal Medicine and Sports Physiology.
  • He has published some 47 international papers, 5 book chapters and directed 3 doctoral theses.
  • He has participated in different national and international competitive research projects.

University management:

  • Teaching Coordinator of the Veterinary Clinical Hospital and Sub-coordinator of the Veterinary Degree 2011 until 2014.
  • Secretary of the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery 2014 to 2017
  • Director of the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery since 2017


  • Member of the "Specialities Commission" of the General Council of Veterinary Associations of Spain.

Selection of recent publications:

  • Vive J, Armengou L, Rios J, Cesarini C, Jose-Cunilleras E (2,017) Acid base imbalances in neonatal ill Foals and their association with survival Equine Veterinary Journal 49 (1): 51-57
  • Vive J, Armengou L, Ríos J, Muñoz A, Jose-Cunilleras E (2,017) Simplified strong ion difference approach to acid-base balance in healthy Foals. Journal of veterinary emergency and critical care 26 (4): 549-558
  • Jose-Cunilleras E, Wijnberg ID (2016) Quantitative motor united action potential analysis of supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoideus and biceps femoris shoulders in adult Royal Dutch sport horses Equine Veterinary Journal 48 (2): 234-239
  • Cesarini C, Cotovio M, Rios J, Armengou L, Jose-Cunilleras (2016) Association Between Necropsy Evidence of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation and hemostatic Variables Before Death in Horses With Colic. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 30 (1): 269-275
  • Navas de Solís CN, Reef VB, Slack J, Jose-Cunilleras E (2016) Evaluation of coagulation and fibrinolysis in horses with atrial fibrillation. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 248 (2): 201-206

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