David Favre

David Favre
Miembro de otra universidad
Subjects taught
Ethics and Law for animals


Education & Positions:

J.D. - College of William and Mary (1973)

B.A. - Chemistry - University of Virginia (1968)

Professor of Law - Michigan State University College of Law (1976 - Present).

Dean - Michigan State University - Detroit College of Law (1999-00).

Interim Dean - Detroit College of Law through its transition to MSU - DCL (1993-96).

Visiting Professor, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Sept. 2007 concentrated course presentation of Animal Law.

Visiting Professor, Lewis & Clark School of Law, June 2012 – Summer Course – International Wildlife Law.

Visiting Professor, University Atumous Barcelona, Law College – teach concentrated weekend class in Master’s program (2012- Present).

Teaching Areas:

                                                                                                            Property I and II                              (6 & 4 hours)                        - 41 years
Animal Law                                     (3 hours)                        - 16 years
International Environmental Law    (3 hours)                        - 17 years
Wildlife Law                                                                           (not active)               (2 hour seminar)          - 22 years       
Environmental Law (not active)                                             (3 hours)                   - 11 years

Professional Activities:

Domestic Activities, 1994-today:

Creator and Editor-in-chief: Animal Legal and Historical Web Center, www.animallaw.info (upwards of 7500 visitors per day) (2003-present)

Keynote Speaker, “Animal Consortium; a New Cause of Action”, Chicago Bar Asso. Animal Law National meeting. (August 2017)

Speaker: “Animal Rights: From Why to How”, 2016 AALS Annual Meeting, member of panel (Jan.2016)

Speaker: “Service and Companion Animal Legal Issues for Military Veterans”, National Conference of State Legislatures, Chicago (August, 2016).

Invited moderator for Harvard Law Conference “The Animal Welfare Act - 50th Anniversary”. (Dec. 2016)

Speaker: “An International Treaty as Steps Forward for Animals” George Washington University Law School (Nov. 2015)

Speaker: “The International Growth of Animal Law” National Animal Law Conference, Center for Animal Studies, Lewis & Clark School of Law (Oct. 2015)

Speaker: “A Review of Twenty Years of Animal Law,” Animal Law Section Michigan State Bar Conference (Sept. 2015)

Speaker: “The Concept of Living Property” Conference of the Animal Section of Maryland State Bar (April 2015)

Speaker: “Animal Rights and an International Treaty” Florida State University Law School (Nov. 2014)

Speaker: “Legal Rights for Wildlife” National Animal Law Conference – Stanford University sponsored by ALDF & Center for Animal Studies,  Lewis & Clark School of Law (October 2013)

Speaker: “Humane Considerations for Farm Animals”, John Marshall Law College (October 2013)

Speaker: University of Chicago Law School, “Effectiveness of the Treaty CITES for Wildlife” (April 2012)

Speaker: Univ. of Tenn. Animal, Ethics, and Law Symposium, “The Respectful Use of Animals in Ethics and Law” (March 2012).

Speaker: ABA/TIPS conference in Florida, “Professional Ethical and Animal Law” (May 2011).

Speaker: Lewis & Clark Journal Symposium: “A Proposed International Treaty for Animal Welfare” (Oct. 2011).

Speaker: Lewis & Clark National Animal Law Conference “Comparative Animal Law, Norway, Spain and Switzerland” (Oct. 2011).

Speaker: “Legal Rights for Animals” the Texas Bar Asso. Animal Committee (May 2010 ).

Speaker: “Introduction to Animal Welfare, Animal Rights” at American Agricultural Law Assoc. – Williamsburg, Virginia (Sept. 2009).

Speaker: “Living Property” Arizona State Bar meeting (July 2009).

Speaker: “Veterinarians and Duty to Report Cruelty to Animals” State Convention of Michigan Veterinarian Association (Jan. 2009).

Speaker: “Animals as Living Property” Lewis and Clark Law School (Oct. 2008).

Speaker: “Criminal Duty to Provide Vet. Care” Mich. Bar, Animal Committee Annual Conference (April 2008).

Conference Organizer (part of committee) and speaker at America Bar Association sponsored national conference on Animal Bioengineering, Duke School of Law (Nov. 2007).

Speaker: “International Developments in Animal Law”, ALDF Conference, Harvard Law School (March 2007).

Speaker: “New Ideas for Biodiversity” Academic Academy of ICUN, Univ. of Ottawa, Canada (April 2007).

Speaker: “The Future of Animal Rights” Minn. Bar Assoc. Animal Conference (April 2006) and New Mexico Bar Assoc. Animal Conference (May 2006).

Chief Judge – National Animal Law Moot Court Competition, Harvard Law School, Feb. 2006.

Speaker: “Animal Torts” ABA Annual Meeting, Chicago, Aug 2005.

Speaker: “Procedural Standing for Animal Issues”, Chicago Bar Association April 20, 2005.

Speaker: “Possible Approaches for Creation of National Center for Animal Welfare at N.C. State Vet. School” at the Vet. School, March 2005.

Speaker: “Michigan Dog Laws”, Local Gov. Section of Michigan State Bar, Lansing Michigan (Feb 2005).

Speaker: “Animal Jurisprudence: An Interests Analysis,” Yale Law School, Nov. 2004

Speaker: “Animal Interest in the Legal System” – Animal Law section of the Texas State Bar, April 2004, Animal Law Section of the Conn. State Bar, June 2004

Judge: First Annual Animal Law Moot Court Competition – held at Harvard Law School, Feb. 2004

Speaker: “Animal Interests in the Legal System” 2003 - Compassion for Animals Conference, North Carolina; Lewis and Clark Law College, University of Michigan College of Law

Organizer and Presenter: A mock trial on Veterinarian Malpractice, Purdue Veterinary College Annual Meeting, 2003

Speaker: “A New Legal Right for Chimpanzees” Harvard Law School Conference, Sept. 2002

Speaker: “CITES and Elephants” & “Animals and Property Law” Conference by Animal Law Section of Texas State Bar, Dallas, 2001

Speaker: “Introduction to CITES” 5th International Wildlife Law Conference, Washington D.C. 2000

Speaker: “Protection of Endangered Species” and “Obtaining Rights for Animals,” Northwestern Law School, Chicago IL. Nov. 1999

Panelist: “Legal Rights for Animals,” Sept. 1999, hosted by New York Bar Assoc.

Co-organizer of the, “Annual International Wildlife Law Conference,” Washington D.C. (1996-00).  The conferences lasted a full day and encompassed approximately 10 speakers per conference.  Both MSU-DCL and the American Society of International Law were advertised sponsors of the event.

Key Speaker: “International Wildlife Law,” 3rd Annual Conference of Animals and the Law, New York City Sept. 27, 1997

Key Speaker: “Animal Law Update,” Michigan Bar Association meeting, September 1996.

Speaker: “Can the Convention on International Trade Really Help Wildlife?” Chicago (John Marshall Law School), April 1996

Speaker: “Legal Rights for Chimpanzee,” Duke Law School, March 24, 1995

Speaker: “International Environmental Law: Is it a Mirage?”  Environmental Law Section meeting of American Association of Law Schools

Hosted: Workshop for law professors “Animal Issues within the Law School Environment” Los Angeles, December 1994

Interviewed: “Eye on the Environment” Jeffrey Mindesh, (radio) Nov. 2, 1994 - Taiwan - on the topic of the international convention CITES

Panel Chair and Speaker: “Is the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species Effective?
International Law Weekend, International Law Association, New York, October 1994


International Activities, 1984-today

Curitiba, Brazil           Speaker, “Marking Progress in US Animal Law”, the Fifth World Congress on Bioethics and Animal Rights (2016).

East Lansing, US        Hosted Visiting Scholar from Spain – May to July (2015)

Barcelona, Spain         Chief organizer & speaker: II Global Animal Law Conference University of Barcelona, Spain, speakers from 21 universities around the world, two day conference (2014).

Gold Coast, Australia Speaker: “International Treaty for Animal Welfare” Griffith University (2013).

Paris, France                          Speaker: “The Legal Consideration of Animal’s Pain and Suffering in Human Wildlife Interactions”, Conference on the Science & Law of Animal Pain and Suffering (2012).

Recife, Brazil                         Keynote Speaker, “The Paths to Animal Rights” Federal University of Pernambuco and Federal University of Bahia, the Third World Congress on Bioethics and Animal Rights (2012).

Zurich, Switzerland    University of Zurich, “The Paths to Animal Rights” (2012).

Barcelona, Spain         University of Barcelona, Spain, “How Common Law Equity Concepts Can Help Enhance Animals’ Status” (2011).

Salvador, Brazil          Keynote speaker “Legal Rights for Wildlife” – International Conference of Animal Rights (2010).

Beijing, China                        Attended national conference considering new draft legislation for Animal Welfare in China (2010).

Barcelona, Spain         Lecture, “Animal Law, Animal Welfare & Animal Rights, an Introduction”, Univ. of Barcelona, (2009).

Montreal, Canada       Speaker: “Animals as Living Property” – Univ. of Quebec at Montreal (2009).

East Lansing, US        Hosted Visiting Scholar from Brazil – Jan. to July (2009)

Salvador, Brazil          Keynote speaker “Animals as Living Property” –International Conference of Animal Rights (2008)

Messina, Italy                        Speaker: PhD granting event College of Veterinary Studies – University of Messina (2008)

Auckland, New Zealand        Visiting professor for course on Animal Law at Univ. of Auckland (2006)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Speaker: “Enforcement under CITES” Environmental Law Conf. of Rio de Janeiro Attorney General (2006)

Sydney, Australia        Speaker: IUCN Environmental Law Academy 3rd Colloquium “CITES in the Sustainable Use Debate” (2005)

San Diego, US                       Organizer & Speaker: First Global Conference on the Legal Statue of Animal Welfare Issues (speakers from eight countries around the world) (2004)

                                                Lisbon, Portugal        Speaker: University of Lisbon Law School, “Intergrading Animals into the Legal System (2004)

Lansing, Michigan      Hosted visiting professor from China, two month while studying animal law (2003)

Guadahajara, Mex.      Professor as summer school program, taught at Pam American University. (2002)

                                                Tokyo, Japan             Keynote speaker: “Protection of Endangered Species” Bar Association and Animal NGO’s of Japan.  (2002)

                                                Fuzhou, China                       Keynote speaker: “The Environment and Capitalism: Controlling the Dragon” International Environmental Law Conference. (2001)

            Nairobi, Kenya           Delegate to Eleventh Conference of the Parties of CITES,
representing the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  (2000)

            Joao Pessoa, Brazil     Speaker at Environmental Conference, “The Wildlife Laws of the United States,” (one of two international speakers). (1998)

            Harare,                        Delegate to the Tenth conference of the Parties of CITES,
Zimbabwe                  representing the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  (1997)

            Nottingham,                Co-sponsor and Speaker: “The Regulation of Trade in
U.K.                           Endangered Species,” University of Nottingham (daylong seminar on CITES).  (1997)

            Detroit, USA               Hosted two week visit by attorney from Ghana in order to draft domestic legislation for implementation of CITES.  (1995)

            Ft. Lauderdale             Delegate to the Ninth Conference of the Parties of CITES, Head of delegation for the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  (1994)

            San Jose                      Speaker at conference: “Integration, People and Wildlife for a
Costa Rica                  Sustainable Future.”  (1993)

            Dakar,                         Delegate to the meeting of the Transportation Working Group
Senegal                       of Convention on Int’l Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). (1993)

            Kyoto,                         Delegate to the Eighth Conference of the Parties of CITES.
Japan                          Head of delegation for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. (1992)

            Malawi                        Organized and directed workshop for government officials in Malawi on the implementation of CITES.  Drafted a set of domestic regulations.  (1991)

            Malta                           Drafted a law for Malta concerning the domestic implementation of the treaty CITES.

            Lausanne,                    Delegate to the Seventh Conference of the Parties of CITES.
Switzerland                Head of delegation for the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  (1989)

            Ottawa, Canada          Delegate to the Sixth Conference of the Parties of CITES.  Head of delegation for the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  (1987)

Versailles,                    Presented Treaty draft, Convention for the Protection of   
France                        Animals, at the Board Meeting of World Society for Protection of Animals.  (1987)

            Geneva                        Co-chaired International Meeting to consider draft of Treaty
Switzerland                Convention for Protection of Animals.  (1986)

            Madrid,                       Represented the International Primate Protection League at the
Spain                          Conference of the I.U.C.N.  (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).  (1984)

Chairperson of the Wildlife Special Interest Group of the American Society of International Law, 1994-1998.

Chairperson, Drafting Committee of Committee for the Convention for Protection of Animals, 1985-2000.  Drafted text of Treaty in Jan. 1986 & Sept. 1986.

Chairperson of International Law Committee of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, 1985- 2005.


Public Service, 1973 - today

Past Committee Chair – AALS Animal Committee (2013)

Vice Chair of Animal Law Committee of the TIPS section of the ABA. 2004-2017.

Founding Board of Directors and Officer of Animal Legal Defense Fund, 1982 - 2006. For 2003-06, Chairman of the Board.

Board of Director, National Center for Animal Law, 2003-04.

Board of Directors and Officer of Species Survival Network, an international organization of NGO organizations dealing with international wildlife issues, 1997- 2001.

Board of Advisors for the Journal of Wildlife Management, Law & Policy (Kluwer International Publishers) 1997 - present.

Advisory Committee for Center for Wildlife Study at New Mexico University, 1991 -94.

            Board of Directors of Michigan Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, 1980 - 83.

            Board of Directors and President of the Conservation Council of Virginia, 1973 -76.


“Excellence in Animal Law” AALS Animal Law Section (2017)

“Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law” ABA/TIPS Animal Law Committee, August 9, 2010.

“Lifetime Leadership in Animal Law” First recipient, Animal Legal Defense Fund. (2013).



  • Animales y Derecho, co-editor with Prof. Marita Candela, tirant lo blanch press (Spain 2015). A mix of essays in English and Spanish. (Second Spanish language book printed about animal law.)
  • Animal law: Welfare, Interests and Rights, Aspen Press, 2nd Ed.  (2011). The first edition of this book was the second textbook for teaching animal law published in the world.
  • Proceeding of the International Animal Welfare Symposium, editor and author of “Animals in a Globalized World” (Animal Legal and Historical Web Center, 2004)
  • Animal Law And Dog Behavior, Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co. (1999) (co-authored)
  • International Environmental Law, Lupus Publications (1993) (co-authored)
  • Wildlife Law, 2nd ed., Lupus Publications (1991)
  • International Trade In Endangered Species, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (1989)
  • Animal Law, Quorum book series, Greenwood Press (1983) (principle author)
  • Wildlife:   Cases, Laws, and Policy, Associated Faculty Press (1983)


Book Chapters

  • Chapter  “Animals as Living Property” in The Oxford Handbook of Animal Studies, Oxford University Press (2017)
  • Chapter “How Common Law Equity Concepts Can Help Enhance Animal’s Status” in Animales y Derecho, (David Favre & Marita Candela, eds.) tirant lo blanch press (Spain 2015)
  • Chapter  “Forward” in What Can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law?, (Randall Abate, ed.) Environmental Law Institute (2015)
  • Chapter  “the Humane Treatment of Wildlife”  in  Animal Suffering: From Science to Law (Thierry Auffret Van Der Kemp & Martine Lachance, eds.) Carswell Press (2013)
  • Chapter  “the History of Animal Cruelty : Concepts of Animal Welfare and Animal Rights”  in  Animal Cruelty ( Mary Brewster  & Mary Reyes, eds.) Carolina Academic Press (2013); updated – 2nd Edition (2016)
  • Chapter  “Animals as Living Property in Animal Law”  in  Animal Law – Tier und Recht (Margot Michel, Daniela Kuhne and Julia Hanni, eds.) Published in Germany and Switzerland (2012)
  • Chapter “Duty of Owners to Provide Veterinary Medical Care to Animal” in Animal Law and the Courts: A Reader, Tamie L. Bryant, Rebecca Huss and David Cassuto eds. Thompson / West (2008)
  • Chapter “A new Property Status for Animals” in Animal Rights – Current Debates and new Directions, Cass Sunstein & Martha Nussbaum (eds.) (Oxford Press 2004)


  • Book Review: The Animal Trade (by C.J.C. Philips), 7 Journal of Animal Ethics 111, (2017).
  • Twenty Years and Change, 20 Animal Law 7 (2013)
  • An International Treaty for Animal Welfare, 18 Animal Law 237 (2012); updated and included as chapter in Deborah Cao & Steven White (eds.) Animal Law and Welfare-International Perspectives, Springer Press (2016)
  • Wildlife Rights, 25 Uni. of Oregon Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation 459  (2010)
  • Living Property: A New Status for Animals within the Legal System, 93 Marquette Law Review 1021 (2010) (Reprinted in a number of publications outside the U. S.)
  • Ethical Duties Based upon Animal Interest, Revista de Bioética y Derecho, No.19 May 2010, p. 8 (Univ. of Barcelona, Spain)
  • “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species” The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy – (2009)
  • The Keeping of Animals, Vol. 229, No. 11 Jour. Am. Vet. Med. Asso. 1734 (Dec. 1 2006)
  • The Gathering Momentum, 1 Jour. Animal L. 1 (2005). A revised version of this article was published in Portuguese in Revista Brasileira de Direito Animal Vol. 1 No. 1 at p.13 (Jan. 2006)
  • Judicial Recognition of the Interests of Animals – A New Tort, 2005 Mich. St. L. Rev. 333 (Reprinted in India, Animal Rights and the Law, L. Lakshmi ed. (2009)
  • Book Review of The Trade in Wildlife, Sara Oldfield (ed.), Journal of Ecological Economics, March 2004, pp. 363-64
  • Wildlife Protection in the United States, 2002 World Environment vol.3, 33 (Published in China in Chinese)
  • RECIEL 277 (2001) (Review of European y & hip for Animals, 50 Duke L.

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