Maria Helena Saari, second Máster alumni to obtain a PhD in Animal Law

Maria Helena Saari, primera alumni del Máster en aconseguir un Doctorado en Derecho Animal

Dr. Maria Helena Saari, alumna of the 5th edition of the Master in Animal Law & Society (2015-2016), successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Education at the University of Oulu in December 2021. 

Maria is the second Animal Law alumni to attain a PhD. Maria’s thesis “Animals as stakeholders in education: towards an educational reform for interspecies sustainability” explored how animals could and should be understood as stakeholders in education and how we might begin to move towards an educational for interspecies sustainability. 

Through a multidimensional approach she examined educational policy, pedagogy and practice and used the dairy industry as a case example to examine the different forms of violence against animals education and schooling is implicit in, as well as possible pathways forward for teaching and learning for multispecies flourishing and sustainable futures.

Her thesis is open access online here:


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