Master in Animal Law during the II Virtual Fair of masters, postgraduates and doctorates UAB

El Máster en Derecho Animal durante la II Feria virtual de másters, postgrados y doctorados UAB

Last Thursday, May 20, the online presentation of the master's degree in Animal Law took place during the second virtual fair for masters and postgraduates of the UAB. On behalf of our training and as a former student of the Master, Laure Gisie, member and PhD candidate in Animal Law at ICALP, attended.

Through an online session, Laure was in charge of publicizing our organization, a collaborator of the master's degree, as an interdisciplinary and international center specialized in Animal Law, explaining its close relationship with the UAB. In case someone missed the presentation, the master deals with study subjects from all kinds of sectors that link their work with the protection and rights of animals, such as medicine, veterinary medicine, different areas of human health, history ... and of course from the Law. At the end of the day, it is about studying animals starting from an academic level and in a different way than what we are used to.

The following editions, both face-to-face and online, will take place from February to November 2022. During both, the enrolled students will be able to receive very complete training on Animal Law thanks to the qualified teachers who teach it. To emphasize the international character of the master's degree, the training will take place half in Spanish and half in English, where teachers from different parts of the world will teach their different disciplines.

Students have the power to decide if they prefer to download the contents and study topics in one or both languages, as well as being able to choose whether to take the exam tests in Spanish or English.

Laure went on to explain the modules that make up the Curriculum, summarized in:

  • Module 1: Basis for the integration of Animal Law in a globalized society. Comparative analysis in animals, law and society.
  • Module 2: Application of state law and legislation. Design and management of a professional application model of animal law.
  • Module 3: Animals in positive law. Challenges and solutions.
  • Module 4: New models of integration of animal welfare law in global society.
  • Internships: law firms, large animal protection associations ...
  • Final Master's Thesis (TFM).

Anyone who has doubts or suggestions about the registration and development of the next edition, can contact Laure or the management of the master, who will try to resolve all the doubts raised as soon as possible. From ICALP we encourage you to take another step towards animals and train yourself in matters that are still new in the world but so necessary for the survival and well-being of all the animal species that inhabit this planet.

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