Biofutura: Nueva entidad colaboradora del Máster en Derecho Animal y Sociedad


Biofutura is a non-governmental organization founded since 2010 in Mexico, this NGO has a long history in carrying out actions focused on the compassionate biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and the defense of non-human animals, in this last point we are pioneers in the legal defense in Mexico.

The fundamental actions of the organization are 1) science focused on compassionate conservation, 2) animal and environmental justice and 3) sustainable development.

Among the current projects in these areas, the following stand out:

  • Monitoring and ecological research of wildlife focusing on the jaguar, black bear, river otter and birds in central Mexico and in the Ecological Corridor of the Sierra Madre Oriental (CESMO).
  • Legal defense of non-human animals.
  • Animal Rights Observatory.
  • Sustainable development and compassionate conservation in megadiverse sites, mainly rural areas.
  • Scientific research, public policies and law.

We have various collaborations with organizations such as the IUCN, as well as alliances in favor of animals within Mexico with public and private organizations and universities. We have records with the Mexican government as an organization dedicated to conducting science focused on the biodiversity conservation. In the area of sustainable actions, we have carried out projects with the support of national and international institutions that have had a high impact. Also, they have multiple national and international recognitions and awards for perform actions behalf the nature and animal rights.

The members of Biofutura AC have participated in national forums, summits and symposia at the main universities in Mexico, also stands out they participation in the U.S.A, Spain, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.

The vice president of the organization: Angel Daen Morales Garcia was a student of the Master in Animal Law and Society in the 3rd online edition in 2014.

Biofutura  Biofutura


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