Reem Lascelles

Reem Lascelles

An intensive comprehensive course which covered a vast amount of knowledge in Global animal welfare law, animal rights, ethics and philosophy. The online lectures and powerpoints were available for all subjects and delivered by professionals passionate in the field of animal wellbeing. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and developing my knowledge in animal law and being taught by world leaders and academics in the field.

The course was very intensive, taught by method of coursework and research. Through the Masters Thesis I have learnt to critically analyse animal welfare laws and sharpen my research and writing skills.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who works with animals or for the animal cause. It provides an essential background and a vast amount of knowledge serving as a strong foundation.

Reem Lascelles (Suiza)
Ed. 2017-2018
Current job

Independent Researcher

Why did you choose this Master?

The syllabus was very comprehensive and available in English. The program was open to non law professionals such as myself and affordable.

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