Helena Bauer

Helena Bauer

I really like the international approach of this Master. You get to know students and professors from all over the world and “travel” with them in their lecture series to the different countries and continents learning about the current state of play regarding animal protection there. The focus of this Master does not only lie on legal aspects but also gives you a broad insight into the current veterinary scientific discussion as well as raises many ethical issues. Thanks to the commitment of the director and her team, the onsite version of this Master gives you the chance to meet many inspiring people who dedicate their work and life to trying to make the world a better place – for all animals.

Helena Bauer (Alemania)
Ed. 2017-2018
Current job

Investigator at Animals’ Angels e.V.

Why did you choose this Master?

Being biologist (but non-lawyer) and working for an NGO for ‘farm’ animal protection since 2016, I got this great opportunity to professionalize and deepen my knowledge on different aspects of animal law.

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