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Bo Li

The Master in Animal Law and Society run by the International Centre for Animal Law and Policy (ICALP) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain, is a highly promotable educational programme. The course offers an interdisciplinary perspective in order to guide students in the study of human-animal relationship and to work towards improving the treatment of animals. It is important to note that this animal law programme has been established with the objective of considering not only human beings’ benefit, but more importantly, with animals themselves in mind.
The programme is taught by a wide range of teachers, not only from UAB, but also from leading universities in Spain and Europe, as well as distinguished scholars and experts from leading universities in Latin America, North America, Australia and Asia. With the intellectual support of these teachers, the programme is interdisciplinary, interregional, inter-ethnic and intercultural in character. This is important for thinking about the human-animal relationship and improving the treatment of animals from a global perspective on a macro scale.
The programme is quite substantial, covering legal history, principles of legal theory, legal texts, judicial practice (cases), and scholars’ commentary, providing students with the ability to explore specific animal law issues in a comprehensive and in-depth manner, both in theory and practice.
For all of these reasons, I love and highly recommend the Master in Animal Law and Society programme.

Bo Li (China)
Why did you choose this Master?

Pursue a career in favor of animal’s interests because they are sentient beings.

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