Animals in International Law

Anne Peters
The Hague Academy of International Law , 2021
International law should recognize animals as sentient beings and ensure compliance with the rules adopted to protect them. Anne Peters, a jurist and academic of recognized prestige, offers the readers some insight into the results of her research and teaching in which she has engaged for many years…

De animales y normas. Protección animal y derecho sancionador

María Luisa Cuerda Arnau (dir.), Juan José Periago Morant (coord.)
Introduced by Javier de Lucas, a renowned jurist, this collective work brings together academic contributions dealing with topics such as the legal protection of animal welfare in the administrative and criminal sphere, animal abuse, the debate on the protected legal interest, the question of…

La bête en nous

Jessica Serra
humenSciences , 2021
Recent advances in ethology show that there is no longer any need to continue the rift that separates humans from (other) animals. Cognition brings us closer to animals, and this is even more true when it comes to our emotions.

L’ours polaire et le Droit

Jean-Marc Neumann,
L’Harmattan , 2020
The polar bear is the largest land carnivore. Fascinating both for its beauty and its adaptation to one of the most hostile environments on our planet, it has become the iconic animal that illustrates the consequences of climate change. The protection of the polar bear and its natural environment…

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