The objectives of the ICALP, which is, by its same multidisciplinary and international composition, are the following:

  • To acheive a legal definition of the animal, which distinguishes it from the consideration as a "thing" or "product". Since 2009 we have promoted the change of legal status of animals in the Civil Code, from things to "sentient beings"

  • To position animal welfare as a commitment within sustainable development. To contribute, normatively, to regulate the welfare of the animals (of farm, of experimentation, of shows

  • To promote sectorial studies designed to explore the human-animal relationship in transversal areas: legal, social, economic, Cultural, health, food, biodiversity

  • To join efforts with the agents currently involved in animal welfare.

  • To influence the critical mass of studies related to animal trinomial, law and politics through publications

  • To obtain resources through competitive projects and to position the studies carried out by ICALP at a level of impact and of international scientific quality.

  • To oganize scientific meetings, congresses and opinion forums to attract UAB to specialists of the highest level, in the priority topics of the ICALP.

  • To position UAB as a pioneering university in the field of animal studies, law and society.

  • To distribute the results of the research through the training of professionals, through Masters, continuous training courses, seminars and workshops.

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