• The Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona grants two LRU credits to all participants of the Minding Animals - Pre-Conference Event "Animals and the Law"
  • Simultaneous translation English - Spanish - English will be provided

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Minding Animals pre-conference lecture on “Animals and the Law” will be held in Barcelona on 24-25 October. The object of this first scientific meeting to be held in Barcelona is to focus our attention on the way the law treats animals under the two major legal systems: Common Law and Civil Law. We will try to take stock of the problems that have arisen and the responses evinced in this emerging field of knowledge.

Our aim is to ensure that the major questions posed in the field of animals and the law are tackled in an interdisciplinary manner that responds to the concerns of all of us in the academic world who work for animals, as well as those of the general public who are now showing a growing awareness of animal matters. This has been one of the objectives of the Barcelona Autonomous University research group ADS — the event organisers — from the outset.

I therefore cordially invite all colleagues and friends who wish to consolidate this initiative to participate in this congress with your papers and efforts.

I am most grateful to Minding Animals, the Animal Welfare Unit of the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Research (R&D; Project, DER-2010-310) and the B.A.University for the support they have given us right from the beginning.

Please feel confident you can count on my help and cooperation as well as that of the organising team.

I am most pleased to make you welcome and look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.



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