Abstract Submission

The Scientific Committee is grateful to the authors who have collaborated with the scientific program of the Conference sending their abstracts.
The on-line process of abstracts submission has been closed.

You should receive notification about your application by 5 October, 2011. Authors are requested to register before 7 October, 2011, otherwise abstracts will not be published.

Publication of abstracts:

Successful abstracts will be distributed to all delegates attending the session.


Successful authors will be informed of the length of time allotted for their presentation in the acceptance e-mail. They will be informed of the date and time of the presentation at least one month before the session starts.

Instructions for abstract authors:

You can upload the abstract from your server, graphics and tables are allowed.
Please upload your abstract on your personal access page as a word document. Your personal access key as well as all requirements and guidelines will be sent to you per e-mail at the end of the on-line submission process.

  1. Save the abstract template on your computer.
  2. Overwrite the abstract template with your abstract data (title, authors, text, references, etc) by following the format specifications. Do not change the file name! (In case you submit more than one abstract please note that the numbers at the end of the file names are consecutive and follow the same order as per your submitted abstract).
  3. Enter the personal access page with your access key.
  4. Upload your abstracts.

Abstracts formatting instructions:

Before submitting the abstract please read these instructions carefully. Abstracts which are not formatted according to the instructions will not be accepted:

  1. The abstract must not exceed one page (A4).
  2. The page border settings must not be altered.
  3. Correspondence will be sent to the person registered
  4. The system will ask you to complete
    a.    Initials, name, address and e-mail address of the first (presenting) author
    b.    Abstract title: please use capitals only. The title should not exceed 25 words and the body of the text should have a maximum of 400 words. Please do NOT type a full stop (.) at the end of the title.
    c.    Text of the abstract: please adopt the following structured format:
  • Aim of the Investigation
  • Materials, Subjects and Methods
  • Results, which should be given in an abbreviated form, if necessary
  • Conclusions

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