• Dr. Emanuela Dalla Costa, European Veterinary Specialist in animal welfare science, University of Milan, "AWIN equine welfare protocol".
  • Lucy Rees, Equine Ethologist, Zoologist and Writer, "Horses in Company, Equine social relationships".
  • José De Giorgio-Schoorl Cofounder of Learning Animals | Institute for Ethology, Ethics and Animality studies, Teacher and developer in the Human-Animal study-field. "Coexisting with the Cognitive Horse – a world beyond the equestrian industry"
  • Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington, Zoologist y Ethologist, Director of Eco Research & Education Centre, "Providing a quality of life for horses"
  • Dr. Marita Giménez Candela, ICALP, International Center for Animal Law, Roman Law and specialist in Animal Law, Director of the Master in animal law & Society UAB, "Past and present animal law"
  • Dr. Eze Paez, Center for animal ethics, UPF, "Animal Ethics and Philosophy"
  • Camino García Morato, Veterinary, Neuroscience & Ethology, Veterinary Department UAB, "Ethology and learning theory"
  • Teresa Gamonal, AVATMA Veterinarian, ethologist and director of Eduquina Equine Wellness? "Looking for Equine Wellbeing"
  • Ben Hart, Trainer, specialist in equine behaviour and writer "Ethical, Safe and Sustainable"
  • Josep Ruiz Camps, Owner and manager of the Natural Paddock Les Vinyes, slowhorsecare.com, “Sustainable horse care

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