What documentation is needed in order to have a potentially dangerous animal?

You must take into account that ownership of any animal classified as potentially dangerous requires the prior obtainment of an administrative license, which must be provided by the Municipal Government. To obtain the license for the ownership of potentially dangerous animals the following are required:

To be of adult age

To obtain a certificate of your criminal record

To not have been sentenced for previous infractions relating to the ownership of potentially dangerous animals.

To obtain a medical certificate demonstrating the physical capacity and psychological aptitude to own potentially dangerous animals.

To have obtained a civil responsibility insurance policy for harm against third parties.

Search in the database: “potentially dangerous animals”. Notwithstanding the regulations dictated by the Autonomous Communities, you should also consult the Law and Regulation at the state level:

Law 50/1999 Potentially Dangerous Animals

Royal Decree 287/2002 Potentially Dangerous Animals

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