Transición Animal en España

Transición Animal en España
Marita Giménez-Candela
Tirant lo Blanch , 2019

The book “Animal Transition in Spain” (Tirant lo Blanch 2019) presents a broad and well-documented reflection on the changes in the treatment of animals experienced by the Law and society in the last ten years. The author, Marita Giménez-Candela, Professor of Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, pioneer of this subject in Europe, accurately details why animals must no longer be treated as things by the Law, as society already perceives that this legal treatment is behind the times according to the values of the global society in which we live, and the scientific evidence affirming that animals are sentient beings. The book is prefaced by Basilio Baltasar, writer, editor and corresponding member of the Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona.

“Animal Transition in Spain”, published in December 2019 by the Editorial “Tirant lo Blanch” (Valencia), in collaboration with ICALP-UAB.

An original, profound and bold book. A well thought-out book to make one think, written with technical knowledge, direct experience and passion for animal life, from one who is a jurist with a wide and proven international scientific career.

Like a polished mirror, the author’s way of looking goes over the areas in which society has for a decade been manifesting its rejection of the Law treating animals as things.

Through culture, mistreatment, the legal status of animals and the teaching of animal law, it rigorously offers an exact x-ray of the treatment of animals within the context of the EU from a global perspective.

The animal de-objectification movement is only just beginning. This book provides the foundations necessary for this process of change not to be delayed.

The book “Animal Transition in Spain” is the sixth volume in the “Animals and Law” collection founded in 2015 by Tirant lo Blanch (Valencia) – the most prestigious and award-winning legal editorial of our country. The alliance between the Tirant editorial and the ICALP (International Centre for Animal Law and Policy) of the UAB captures the reality and thought around the human-animal relation for jurists, veterinarians, professionals and anyone who is interested in the animal cause; one of the great causes of the XXI Century.

Author: ICALP. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Tel.: 935811167 Contact person: Marita Giménez-Candela (
Editorial: Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia. Tel.: 963610048
Contact person: Mª José Gálvez (


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