La selección de razas caninas. Aspectos legales y consecuencias

La selección de razas caninas. Aspectos legales y consecuencias
Javier Ernesto Baquero Riveros
ICALP. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona , 2020

Pet breeding is an economic activity that has great popularity. In the past, people organized collectives to strongly defend the purity of certain breeds of dogs, as well as their special morphology. But what many do not know is that the beauty criteria have been determined by the same clubs as standards, so that the human being has forced the process of natural evolution of species by experimenting and seeking specific traits which are more appealing than others, depending on space and time. Unfortunately, this has led to the use of animals with high degrees of kinship in breeding process, which has not only limited the genetic material within certain breeds, but has also led to the emergence of countless defects which drastically affect the quality of life of individuals belonging to these breeds. This book attempts to decipher the legal relevance of these conditions focussing on animal welfare of both offspring and parents, since both Colombia and Spain have provided the prohibition of cruel treatment towards animals in their legislation.

Javier Ernesto Baquero Riveros is a lawyer. He graduated in Law from the Universidad Externado (Colombia), where he specialized in international contracting. Subsequently he obtained a master's degree in Animal And Society Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a master's degree in Environmental and Sustainability Law from the University of Alicante (Spain).

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