La caccia sostenible. Profili biologici, etici e giuridici

La caccia sostenible. Profili biologici, etici e giuridici
Editado por Marco Olivi
FrancoAngeli , 2020

Edited by Marco Olivi. 

The book originated in the context of the Master's degree in "Amministrazione e gestione della fauna selvatica" at Ca' Foscari University in Venice. The starting point is this: biology provides the scientific basis for any choice regarding wildlife. Often the choice poses ethical problems, for example, when it comes to sacrificing single individuals for the benefit of a population, entire

populations to protect biodiversity, to prevent damage or for other reasons of public interest. Finally, the choice must enter the world of law: to be a rule, to establish powers, duties and so on. The hunting issue is a privileged point of observation for all these aspects because it tends to amplify them and make the moments of possible conflict striking. The potential conflict between the protection of fauna and the killing allowed to the hunter is intuitive. The title of the book therefore means that hunting must be sustainable in order to be accepted. Whether it is sustainable and under what conditions depends on an interdisciplinary scientific assessment, far removed from the emotional and ideological clash in which the subject of hunting is usually treated.

Articles by: Isabella Adinolfi, Marco Apollonio, Fabrizio Fracchia, Giuseppe Manfredi, Marco Olivi, Pasquale Pantalone, Massimo Scandura, Marco Tuono, Fabrizio Turoldo.

FrancoAngeli ed., Diritto e società, Milano, 2020

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