Animal Law in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Worldwide: Collection of Essays

El derecho de los animales en Kazajstán, Rusia y el mundo
Baidedinova, M., Dalpane, F. , Chernyaeva, D. (Editors)
Almati , 2021

This book is a small collection of essays on animals and the law. The essays discuss a waste range of subjects: the legal standing of animals, animal abuse, and the legal regulation of the use of animals in diferent areas. The authors represent diferent jurisdictions: Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, and USA.

This is the first English-language book on Animal law published in Kazakhstan, as Animal law is a very recent discipline in this part of the world.

This collection of essays draws attention to the most problematic issues of theory, legal regulation and practical application of the existint Animal law. It is suitablñe for acadèmics and practitioners who are interesated in the matter and is recommended as additional reading in undergraduate courses of Animal law. 


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