First Animal Law Congress

Activity type
Primer Congreso de Derecho Animal


  • Instituto Distrital de Protección y Bienestar Animal IDPYBA (Bogotá. Colombia).
  • ICALP (UAB-Barcelona)

Academic responsible:

  • Andrea Peñaranda Silva (Bogotá. Student of the Master's Degree in Animal Law and Society. UAB
  • Dr. Marita Giménez-Candela (Director of the ICALP)


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Animal Law in Latin America presents major challenges that set it apart from other countries in the world. Aware of this speciality, this interdisciplinary and international meeting of animal law scholars aims to create a space for reflection and growth that can address these challenges in the coming years.

This pioneering initiative in Latin America has been organised by Andrea Peñaranda Silva, student of the Master's Degree in Animal Law and Society at the UAB, with the collaboration of ICALP.

This event has the particularity of bringing together some professors and students of the Master in Animal Law and Society, who are seriously committed to the progress of animal protection in Latin America.


Primer Congreso de Derecho Animal


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