Satellite Meeting: The great value of mouse models in the study of human diseases

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Satellite Meeting: El gran valor de los modelos de ratón en el estudio de las enfermedades humanas

The next March 19 will take place at the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia (Barcelona) the "Satellite Meeting" organized by PATHBIO that covers different topics under the theme "The great value of mouse models in the study of human diseases ". Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela will participate in the event within the theme "Transparency, Legislation and Animal Welfare".

Mouse disease models are essential for Precision Medicine, which aim to transform current medical practice to personalized healthcare. However, the scientific community lacks sufficient human resources and expertise in mouse pathology to effectively and reproducibly characterize and validate these animal models. Despite this increasing demand for mouse experts, there is a proven significant deficiency of specialised training opportunities for veterinary and medical pathologists and biomedical researchers to acquire the necessary expertise, especially formalized and recognized programs in Higher Education. In this scenario, no single European University has all the expertise, resources and personnel required to design and establish a strong educational program in Mouse Precision Pathobiology, which integrates pathology, anatomy, embryology, imaging, ontologies and informatics.

The PATHBIO project and its engaged partners are ideally constituted at the European level to develop a strong educational program for Mouse Precision Pathobiology. PATHBIO includes leading universities (UAB, UCAM, UCPH, FMV-ULisboa, Unina, and USFD) in the field. Furthermore, five major European mouse clinics (CERBM-ICS, MRC Harwell, HMGU, IMG, and CNR) equipped with integrated facilities for production and characterization of genetically engineered mouse models are also part of PATHBIO. These mouse clinics are developing and using state of art mouse imaging technologies and have long standing expertise in pathology phenotyping along with the data-capture, annotation, and bioinformatic analysis capabilities to interpret the resulting datasets. Three of the largest producers and suppliers of mouse models worldwide heavily involved in drug research (CHARLES RIVER, JAX and TCP Inc) and a company leader in the field of preclinical imaging (FUJIFILM VISUALSONICS) are also essential partners of PATHBIO. FELASA and ICLAS are two important European and global animal science associations, representing common interests in all aspects of laboratory animal science in Europe and beyond, which are also integrated within the PATHBIO Consortium. Finally, the interaction with the Asian, Australian, South American and African Phenogenomics centers as associate partners, provides PATHBIO with a unique and preeminent global position to define a common and fundamental skill set and required knowledge to validate mouse models of human diseases. The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) that represents the pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe specifically recognizes the benefits of the PATHBIO project.

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