Permanent seminar on animal studies in Roma

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Universidad Sapienza di Roma
Seminario permanente sobre estudios en animales en Roma

From April 8 will take place at the University Sapienza di Roma the Permanent Seminar, which intends to promote discussions and analyzes on themes and methods of animal studies. In addition to philosophy, other social sciences (sociology, literary studies, history, history and criticism of the visual arts, etc.) and natural sciences (evolutionary biology, ethology, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, geography) contribute to this interdisciplinary research field. Object of the research and analysis of the field of animal studies are, beyond the more traditional boundaries of philosophical ethics, the animal question, or the status of non-human animals, their conceptualization and the multiple declinations of human interactions with them. Starting from the naturalistic framework of explanation and study of the living world offered by the Darwinian theory, topics of investigation are, for example: the contribution of biological research to the understanding of non-human animals and the effects on human life; the history of representations of animal life forms in literature and visual arts; the understanding of interactions between humans and non-urban environments. These and other topics are examined through the organization of conferences, study seminars, training courses and training schools.

Dr. Teresa Giménez-Candela, accompanied with the Dr. Gianluca Felicetti and the Dr. Margherita Pittalis will participate in this Seminar with the intervention “A partire da Primo non maltrattare. Storia della protezione degli animali in Italia”.




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