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Second World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights “the prospect for life on a changing planet”


Del 25 al 28 de Agosto tendrá lugar en Salvador de Bahía (Brasil), el II Congreso Mundial sobre Bioética y Derechos de los Animales.
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Se trata de una cita de gran importancia, tanto por los temas que se abordan:

-Current trends of environmental law and the Animal World;
-Bioethics and its perspective in Contemporary Society; Climate Change as an ethical issue;
-Legal Rights for Wildlife: an Application of Bioethics;
-The Project Rights for non-humans: three years for the recognition of the rights of nonhuman animals;
-Animal Testing: Philosophical and Legal Concerns and Consequences;
-Contextualizing Spanish Animal Rights

Como por la presencia de reconocidos expertos mundiales, entre los que figuran los Profs.: David Favre (Michigan State University); Peter Singer (Princeton University); Steven Wise (Harvard University); David Cassuto (Pace University); Kathy Hessler (Lewis & Clark University); Pamela Frasch (Lewis & Clark University); Carlos Maria Romeo Casabona (Universidad de Deusto); Teresa Giménez-Candela (Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona); Carmen Velayos (Universidad de Salamanca).

La organización corre a cargo del The Graduate Program in Law at the Federal University of Bahia and the Abolitionist Animal Institute (Brasil), y del Director y Presidente del Congreso, Prof. Tagore Trajano director del Abolitionist Animal Institut (http://www.abolicionismoanimal.org).


The Graduate Program in Law at the Federal University of Bahia and the Abolitionist Animal Institute has the honor of welcoming you again in Bahia for the realization of this great event.
Where we get to where we are going and what the main research in Bioethics, Environmental Law and Animal Rights. Understanding these issues is the goal of this conference.
The participation and support from each of the lords and ladies have made this event more powerful every year, and energy to achieve them. Each of the speakers is working with the greatness of this event, multiplying its knowledge and creating opportunities for students, law operators and related disciplines.
Thus, the organization of the Second World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights, I would like to thank them for their support detachment, urging participation, once again, all for the days between 25-28 August, the world direct their attention for discussion of Bioethics and the Rights of Animals.
Only UNITED we can understand this world finds change and imbalance.

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