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2014.08.14 august 2014 The great 'Burrada'
2014.07.03 july 2014 Administrative report against three spectacles of correbous and bou embolat celebrated in Tarragona
2014.01.23 january 2014 Animal Abuse reported in the festival of Las Luminarias
2013.12.02 december 2013 Appeal by PACMA against the Toro de la Vega admitted for hearing
2012.10.15 october 2012 Watching bullfighting from the fence
2012.06.12 june 2012 Il faut interdire la corrida partout en France !
2011.01.28 january 2011 The circle of compassion will include all beings capable of suffering
2010.06.02 june 2010 The prohibition on bull fights in Catalonia as seen by the international press
2010.03.16 march 2010 Bulls and school.
2010.03.14 march 2010 Popular rites and legitimate violence
2010.03.06 march 2010 A violet in black Spain
2010.03.05 march 2010 Venatory clarifications
2010.03.02 march 2010 The TSJ (Tribunal Supremo de la Justicia - Supreme Court) reiterates its firm sentence that the released ducks suffer mistreatment while Sagunto defends the release of the birds
2010.03.01 march 2010 A court prohibits a popular festival due to mistreatment of animals