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2012.02.28 february 2012 T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: Pioneer in Animal Law teaching in Spain
2011.06.15 june 2011 Siempre a tu lado
2011.05.17 may 2011 Man sentenced to nine months in prison and two and a half year trade prohibition for stabbing his dog in Navas del Madroño
2011.05.16 may 2011 Woman sentenced for leaving her dog unleashed as the dog bit another in a housing development in Marbella
2011.04.13 april 2011 Two shepherds condemned for beating a dog which they believed had attacked their flock
2011.03.18 march 2011 A couple will pay 3,600 Euros for abandoning their three dogs
2011.03.18 march 2011 One year and four months in jail for laying poisoned bait
2011.03.18 march 2011 Animal Conscientiousness
2011.02.25 february 2011 Reaction
2011.02.07 february 2011 Dogs can detect colo cancer
2011.01.25 january 2011 Teresa Giménez-Candela: Selling fur from dogs and cats is prohibited and it must be denounced
2010.10.06 october 2010 The Working Group for the EU Council recommends establishing one European-wide set of legislation for Animal Welfare
2010.05.28 may 2010 XXI Affinity Foundation Study on the Abandonment of Pet Animals, 2009
2010.03.15 march 2010 Animal Cruelty: zero tolerance
2010.03.13 march 2010 Regina, one more death
2010.03.12 march 2010 The short history of a dog's death
2010.03.11 march 2010 To court for a sexual attack on a mare
2010.03.10 march 2010 Elite breeders
2010.03.10 march 2010 Un abrigo con tu perro (A coat made from your dog)
2010.03.09 march 2010 Arrested for killing two dogs
2010.03.09 march 2010 Dogs and crocodiles
2010.03.08 march 2010 First summary trial for mistreating an animal in Lleida
2010.03.07 march 2010 First public sentencing for the abandonment of animals
2010.03.07 march 2010 Animal de bellota (Acorn animal)
2010.03.06 march 2010 Death by starvation as an act of revenge
2010.03.03 march 2010 Why do we act with violence?
2010.03.02 march 2010 Perra vida (A dog’s life)
2010.03.01 march 2010 Cave Canem (Beware of Dog)
2008.03.11 march 2008 “Animal Rights Groups Pick Up Momentum”, article by Larry Copeland in USA Today