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2014.08.26 august 2014 Overcrowding and abuse of 56 hunting dogs in the Community of Madrid. Criminal charges for the owner
2014.08.09 august 2014 New Regulatory Ordinance on the Registration of Potentially Dangerous Animals published in Chinchilla de Montearagón
2014.08.08 august 2014 The Director of a Protector Association in Fuerteventura charged on the presumption of animal abuse.
2014.08.01 august 2014 Administrative fine for neglecting 48 dogs in Mogán (Gran Canaria)
2014.07.10 july 2014 Sagunto is declared a municipality against the abuse of animals
2014.07.08 july 2014 The Government clarifies that it will not prohibit the sale of dogs and cats in shops
2014.07.04 july 2014 The Municipal Government of Talavera delimits spaces to allow dogs to run free
2014.07.03 july 2014 A Illa de Arousa considers reducing the tax to register potentially dangerous dogs
2014.06.18 june 2014 Draft of the Pre-project for a State Law regulating the sale and ownership of dogs and cats
2014.06.14 june 2014 A report filed for animal abuse after finding a dead puppy cut in half
2014.05.30 may 2014 Guadalajara approves a new animal ownership ordinance
2014.05.20 may 2014 Hunter reported for presumably abusing his dogs
2014.05.15 may 2014 Two men charged for the abuse and deaths of six greyhounds
2014.05.01 may 2014 Man arrested after dogs were found in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions (Zaragoza)
2014.04.25 april 2014 Two men charged for animal abuse after six dead dogs were found on a canine residence
2014.03.26 march 2014 CC–IU proposes improving the ordinance on animals in Tarazona
2014.03.25 march 2014 New ordinance on animals in Paracuellos del Jarama
2014.03.25 march 2014 Roquetas de Mar prepares its new ordinance on animal ownership
2014.03.22 march 2014 The Provincial Audience absolves a man sentenced for illegal hunting in a private reserve
2014.03.12 march 2014 Animalist Groups request ban on hunting with greyhounds before Congress
2014.03.04 march 2014 The City Governments of Catalonia propose the need to modify the law to put down animals
2014.03.03 march 2014 Modification of the Municipal Ordinance of Barcelona
2014.02.27 february 2014 Two men charged in the case of the mass grave of dead dogs plead before the judge
2014.02.21 february 2014 Modifications in the procedures related to animal ownership in Arona (Tenerife)
2014.02.13 february 2014 Update of the municipal ordinance related to animal ownership in Granada
2014.01.31 january 2014 New Ordinance for the Protection and Ownership of Potentially Dangerous Animals in Salas (Asturias)
2014.01.30 january 2014 New aspects in requesting administrative licences in Vélez Málaga
2013.12.30 december 2013 Absolved the owner of a dog that killed another dog and attacked the other’s owner
2013.12.30 december 2013 Veterinarian wanted by the USA arrested for injecting dogs with liquid cocaine
2013.11.14 november 2013 Aplied legal research: Dogs in the metro in Barcelona
2013.11.06 november 2013 Argentina. Veterinary cleared of animal abuse charges
2013.11.04 november 2013 Owner of an underground veterinary clinic arrested in Almería
2013.09.30 september 2013 Man sentenced to four months in prison for poisoning two dogs