keyword: Greyhound

2014.05.27 may 2014 Man charged alter finding the cadavers of ten dogs in a cave
2014.05.15 may 2014 Two men charged for the abuse and deaths of six greyhounds
2014.04.03 april 2014 Woman to be tried for throwing two dogs and a cat from the third floor
2014.03.27 march 2014 Man given six months in prison for beating his dog to death
2014.03.22 march 2014 The Provincial Audience absolves a man sentenced for illegal hunting in a private reserve
2014.03.12 march 2014 Animalist Groups request ban on hunting with greyhounds before Congress
2014.03.10 march 2014 Greyhounds
2014.02.15 february 2014 Man arrested for hunting hares with greyhounds without authorization
2014.01.05 january 2014 Man sentenced to three months in prison for beating a dog
2013.12.30 december 2013 Six arrested for stealing 34 greyhounds
2013.12.03 december 2013 Man Arrested for killing a dog with a shotgun
2013.11.04 november 2013 Owner of an underground veterinary clinic arrested in Almería
2013.10.28 october 2013 Man sentenced as perpetrator of animal abuse for hanging two greyhounds