keyword: sacrifice

2014.06.24 june 2014 Three people arrested as the presumed perpetrators of a crime of abuse against a mare in Cella (Teruel)
2014.06.06 june 2014 The Municipal Government of León reported for “massive extermination” of rabbits
2014.06.01 june 2014 Collection of signatures to request prohibiting sacrifices
2014.03.04 march 2014 The City Governments of Catalonia propose the need to modify the law to put down animals
2014.02.12 february 2014 Marius, the giraffe
2014.01.28 january 2014 Men implicated in an illegal slaughterhouse arrested for public health offense
2014.01.25 january 2014 New regulatory rules for the sacrifice of animals approved
2014.01.22 january 2014 Prosecution presses for charges against the director of the Animal Park for document falsification
2011.06.06 june 2011 Me importa un pepino