keyword: prohibition

2014.07.04 july 2014 India prohibits the import of foie gras due to the abuse of ducks
2014.05.22 may 2014 The WTO finds in favor of the EU ban on the sale of seal products
2014.05.07 may 2014 The Catalan Parliament approves the processing of a circus animal ban
2014.05.06 may 2014 CUP proposes the prohibition of correbous among its measures against animal abuse
2014.05.02 may 2014 Costa Rica prohibits and criminally punishes dog fights
2014.04.10 april 2014 The challenge against the Law of Fauna lodged by the association of circus owners of Mexico dismissed
2014.03.26 march 2014 Vejer bans fair attractions which use animals
2014.03.12 march 2014 Animalist Groups request ban on hunting with greyhounds before Congress
2011.08.01 august 2011 They too will come with us
2011.04.13 april 2011 Two shepherds condemned for beating a dog which they believed had attacked their flock
2011.03.18 march 2011 One year and four months in jail for laying poisoned bait