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2014.09.06 september 2014 Declare traditional bullfight show the ''toro enmaromado'' of Astudillo (Palencia). ANPBA appeal that declaration
2013.02.04 february 2013 The attacker of the dog Txispas , dog that was shooted and lanced one and a half year ago in Bedia (Vizcaya), has been condemned
2012.09.26 september 2012 A judge requires Catroverde to take care of 30 abandoned dogs
2012.06.14 june 2012 Sentenced to seven months for shooting two dogs with a rifle
2012.05.17 may 2012 Six months in prison for shooting and setting on fire a cat in Callosa d'en Sarria
2012.05.14 may 2012 Sentenced to one year and three months in prison for torturing two cubs in Badajoz
2012.05.14 may 2012 Disqualified from being farmer to leave his horses die
2012.02.28 february 2012 T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: Pioneer in Animal Law teaching in Spain
2012.02.27 february 2012 Fined with 360 euros for throwing his girlfriend's dog through a fourth floo balcony
2012.01.26 january 2012 A hunter has been convicted in Santanyi for killing his dog after beating it
2012.01.10 january 2012 Teresa Giménez-Candela, Animal welfare depends on the consumers
2011.11.30 november 2011 Animal abuse includes the 'tamed'
2011.11.04 november 2011 Court of Granada condemns for mistreatment a local police who killed a dog by a shotgun
2011.10.17 october 2011 A father and his son have to pay 1.200€ due to animal mistreatment
2011.05.30 may 2011 Man sentenced to eight months in jail for animal mistreatment
2011.05.17 may 2011 Man sentenced to nine months in prison and two and a half year trade prohibition for stabbing his dog in Navas del Madroño
2011.05.16 may 2011 Woman sentenced for leaving her dog unleashed as the dog bit another in a housing development in Marbella
2011.03.18 march 2011 Animal Conscientiousness
2011.02.28 february 2011 Postgraduate Diploma of Animal Law
2011.02.25 february 2011 Reaction
2011.01.28 january 2011 The circle of compassion will include all beings capable of suffering
2010.11.29 november 2010 Man Prohibited from keeping animals after allowing his dog die of hunger