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2017.04.04 april 2017 The De-objectification of Animals (II)
2015.11.09 november 2015 Holy Cow!
2014.05.07 may 2014 The Catalan Parliament approves the processing of a circus animal ban
2014.05.06 may 2014 The Galician Parliament admits the modification of the animal protection law for processing
2014.04.23 april 2014 New companion animal Ordinance approved in Saldaña (Palencia)
2014.04.22 april 2014 More than 100,000 signatures in Galicia supporting a stronger Animal Protection Animal Law
2014.04.21 april 2014 Six Local Police Agents in Ibiza will ensure compliance of the animal ownership ordinance
2014.04.16 april 2014 The modification of the Ordinance of Santiago to allow animals to travel on bus has started
2014.04.16 april 2014 The PSOE presents claims against the Animal ordinance of Granada and demands its withdrawal
2014.04.16 april 2014 74,000 signatures in Galicia requesting to strengthen the Law of Animal Protection
2014.04.16 april 2014 French legislation takes the first step in recognizing animals as “living beings endowed with sentience”
2014.04.15 april 2014 Modifications in the text of the Municipal Ordinance of Barcelona
2014.04.13 april 2014 UPyD Murcia requests accelerating the creation of a new Animal Protection Law
2014.04.08 april 2014 Aragón refuses to declare bulls as a Cultural Interest Good
2014.04.07 april 2014 Claims period open against the pre-project of the Hunting Law in Castilla-La Mancha
2014.04.05 april 2014 Arias Cañete announces a Law to protect companion animals
2014.04.01 april 2014 Debate over the proposed law which would qualify animal abuse as a crime and sentence perpetrators to jail in Peru
2012.04.05 april 2012 The EU recommends the creation of an Expert Commission in animal legislation
2008.01.06 january 2008 The unusual comparative history of animals and man