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2014.09.24 september 2014 Woman kills six dog puppies and throws them into a trash container (Lugo). Charged for presumed animal abuse
2014.09.23 september 2014 Man sentenced for a misdemeanour of animal abuse for letting his two dogs die from hunger and neglect. (Pontevedra)
2014.08.27 august 2014 UPyD reiterates the need to strengthen the penalties for animal abandonment and abuse in Murcia
2014.08.27 august 2014 Two men charged for abusing 39 horses in Mula (Murcia)
2014.08.27 august 2014 Man charged for letting his sheep die, malnourished and dehydrated
2014.08.25 august 2014 A livestock farmer charged for presumed abandon and animal abuse in Burgos
2014.08.14 august 2014 The great 'Burrada'
2014.08.14 august 2014 Owner of a malnourished dog in critical state charged on the presumption of animal abuse in Castellón
2014.08.13 august 2014 A dog caretaker charged on the presumption of animal abuse in Zaragoza
2014.08.10 august 2014 Bull Rights with American Bison in La Rioja reported by Ecologistas en Acción.
2014.08.09 august 2014 Man travels with a dog tied to the car bumper (Asturias). Reports for misdemeanor or crime of animal abuse.
2014.08.08 august 2014 The Director of a Protector Association in Fuerteventura charged on the presumption of animal abuse.
2014.08.07 august 2014 Man abuses and injects heroin into a cat in Pennsylvania. Arrested for animal abuse and possession of narcotics
2014.08.06 august 2014 Cat smashed against the ground in Barakaldo (Biscay). Administrative complaint for animal abuse.
2014.08.05 august 2014 Animal abuse in Mexican circus. Fine and seizure by the Public Prosecutor for the environment
2014.08.01 august 2014 Administrative fine for neglecting 48 dogs in Mogán (Gran Canaria)
2014.07.31 july 2014 Man arrested for presumed animal abuse after nine horses were found dead on his farm in Madrid
2014.07.30 july 2014 Hunting with “Parany” Technique. Sentence from District Court in Castellón confirmed
2014.07.28 july 2014 Three month prison sentence for animal abuse confirmed in Zamora
2014.07.22 july 2014 The “inaction” regarding animal abuse by the Regional Government of Galicia is denounced
2014.07.21 july 2014 Woman arrested for presumed animal abuse and injuries in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo
2014.07.18 july 2014 Man sentenced to a 180 Euro fine for abusing his German Shepherd
2014.07.15 july 2014 First man arrested for animal abuse in Mexico City
2014.07.14 july 2014 Man arrested for killing a neighbor’s dog by throwing it from the fourth floor in Calatayud
2014.07.09 july 2014 PACMA charges that the Principality of Asturias authorizes the reduction in the number of “abandoned” dogs in Laviana
2014.07.07 july 2014 Three people charged, two of them minors, for abusing a donkey in Almería
2014.07.06 july 2014 PACMA presents a report for the presumed crime of animal abuse in Júzcar (Málaga)
2014.07.03 july 2014 Administrative report against three spectacles of correbous and bou embolat celebrated in Tarragona
2014.06.28 june 2014 Man sentenced to three months in prison and a three year professional disqualification for abusing 22 horses in Manganeses (Zamora)
2014.06.26 june 2014 Woman charged for presumed animal abuse after various dog adoptions in Nules (Castellón)
2014.06.25 june 2014 Woman in Badajoz sentenced to nine months in prison for animal abuse for not feeding her animals
2014.06.24 june 2014 Three people arrested as the presumed perpetrators of a crime of abuse against a mare in Cella (Teruel)
2014.06.23 june 2014 Animal abuse will be considered a crime in Mexico
2014.06.21 june 2014 Man charged for falsifying the death of a donkey in Vigo
2014.06.19 june 2014 Man arrested on the presumption of animal abuse for the death of two dogs in La Codosera (Badajoz)
2014.06.17 june 2014 Man charged of hunting using the “enfilat” in Alfondeguilla (Castellón)
2014.06.14 june 2014 A report filed for animal abuse after finding a dead puppy cut in half
2014.06.12 june 2014 Man reported for renting malnourished horses
2014.06.11 june 2014 Man fined 1200 Euros for a crime of animal abuse for amputating the ears of a puppy
2014.06.06 june 2014 Father and son arrested for presumed animal abuse in Bullas (Murcia)
2014.06.05 june 2014 Woman charged on the presumption of animal abuse for poisoning six cats
2014.06.01 june 2014 Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for three accounts of animal cruelty, among other charges, in the US
2014.05.08 may 2014 Man arrested on the presumption of animal abuse for amputating a dog’s penis
2014.05.08 may 2014 Manager of a hunting reserve found guilty for poisoning animals
2014.05.08 may 2014 Proceedings begin for presumed animal abuse for beating a dog to death
2014.05.08 may 2014 President of the O Santiaguiño foundation charged on the presumption of animal abuse
2014.05.06 may 2014 Man charged for letting two horses and a dog die
2014.04.28 april 2014 Presumed animal abuse in the Quintos festivals, in Guadalix de la Sierra (Madrid)
2014.04.25 april 2014 Woman judged on the presumption of animal abuse for throwing several dogs from a balcony causing their death
2014.04.25 april 2014 Man reported on the presumption of animal abuse for beating his dog with force in the beach of El Torreón (Mijas – Málaga)
2014.04.25 april 2014 Two men charged for animal abuse after six dead dogs were found on a canine residence
2014.04.23 april 2014 Man judged for a presumed crime of animal abuse for shooting cats on his street
2014.04.22 april 2014 For the first time a person could go to prison for animal abuse
2014.04.18 april 2014 Complaint lodged against the Toro Jubilo of Medinaceli (Soria)
2014.04.13 april 2014 UPyD Murcia requests accelerating the creation of a new Animal Protection Law
2014.04.07 april 2014 Three months in prison for throwing a dog through a window
2014.04.03 april 2014 Man absolved after being accused of hanging a dog
2014.04.03 april 2014 Woman to be tried for throwing two dogs and a cat from the third floor
2014.03.31 march 2014 The majority of fines for animal abuse or for not wearing identifying chip archived in Valencia
2014.03.31 march 2014 Prosecutor requests 10 months in prison on the presumption of animal abuse for allowing two horses to die
2014.03.30 march 2014 Death of dog which may have been thrown through a window investigated
2014.03.28 march 2014 Man arrested in Ponferrada on the presumption of animal abuse
2014.03.27 march 2014 Man given six months in prison for beating his dog to death
2014.03.27 march 2014 Man charged in Vimianzo (A Coruña) for shooting a neighbor’s dog with a shotgun
2014.03.25 march 2014 Man charged for animal abuse after shooting his hunting dogs
2014.03.22 march 2014 Man charged on the presumption of animal abuse and abandonment of a mare in Villanueva del Ariscal (Seville)
2014.03.19 march 2014 Prison time requested for a strangling a neighbor’s dog to death in Ogíjares (Granada)
2014.03.15 march 2014 Man charged for shooting a dog and throwing it in a container
2014.03.13 march 2014 Man charged for abusing and abandoning animals
2014.03.10 march 2014 Greyhounds
2014.02.28 february 2014 New municipal ordinance on animal ownership in Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba)
2014.02.28 february 2014 Man charged on the presumption of animal abuse alter shooting a dog with a pellet gun
2014.02.28 february 2014 Local police officer reported for using pepper spray on pigs for his enjoyment
2014.02.28 february 2014 Report for animal abuse against a horse in Ferrol
2014.02.27 february 2014 Sentencing for a hunting reserve guard who shot and killed a dog
2014.02.27 february 2014 Two men charged in the case of the mass grave of dead dogs plead before the judge
2014.02.26 february 2014 Previous investigation opened against a woman for abusing her dog
2014.02.22 february 2014 Fan who threw a dog at a referee during a football game found guilty
2014.02.12 february 2014 Against animal abuse in the circuses in San Luis Potosí (Mexico)
2014.02.11 february 2014 Man charged after attempting to assault a referee by throwing a dog
2014.02.06 february 2014 Proposal to include zoophilia in the Criminal Code
2014.01.29 january 2014 Pamplona City Government reported for presumed animal abuse
2014.01.29 january 2014 Man charged for animal abuse after letting his horse die from hunger
2014.01.29 january 2014 Modifications in the regulation of ownership of animals in Victoria
2014.01.28 january 2014 Organizers of an underground cock-fighting ring arrested
2014.01.23 january 2014 Animal Abuse reported in the festival of Las Luminarias
2013.12.30 december 2013 Four charged for administering prohibited substances to cows
2013.12.30 december 2013 Previous diligence initiated for the crime of animal abuse after finding 32 cats dead on municipal land
2013.11.20 november 2013 Arrested for theft and killing various animals with an axe
2013.11.06 november 2013 Argentina. Veterinary cleared of animal abuse charges
2013.10.28 october 2013 Charged with the presumed crime of animal abuse after being identified in a video about dog fights
2013.10.28 october 2013 Man sentenced as perpetrator of animal abuse for hanging two greyhounds
2013.10.18 october 2013 Stronger sentence for animal abuse applied in appeals process after sentecngnig in district court
2013.10.18 october 2013 The presumed perpetrator of the death of a dog in Motril will be judged for the crime of animal abuse
2013.10.10 october 2013 Local Police remove a dog from its owner for the presumed crime of animal abuse
2013.09.06 september 2013 Complaint processing admitted against the Fundación Oso [Bear Foundation] of Asturias for the presumed crime of animal abuse
2013.09.06 september 2013 Man detained for committing a presumed crime of serious threats and a crime of abuse towards animals
2013.09.06 september 2013 Two Men Charged with abusing a pony which was castrated in an illegal manner
2013.07.01 july 2013 Sentenced for killing a dog and injuring another
2013.07.01 july 2013 Sentenced for Animal Abuse for Gravely Harming Dog after Defecating in the House
2013.07.01 july 2013 Man Sentenced for the Crime of Animal Abuse for Killing Three of his Neighbor’s Goats with a Hoe
2013.07.01 july 2013 Eight months imprisonment for throwing a dog down a ravine within a bag of rocks
2011.02.07 february 2011 T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: An animal may be mistreated in Spain if it is justified.
2010.12.24 december 2010 Teresa Giménez, Animal Law Postgraduate: we are similar to animals in suffering capacity