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2014.09.24 september 2014 Woman kills six dog puppies and throws them into a trash container (Lugo). Charged for presumed animal abuse
2014.07.28 july 2014 Three month prison sentence for animal abuse confirmed in Zamora
2014.07.18 july 2014 Man charged for abusing a Puppy which destroyed a 50 Euro bill (Vigo)
2014.05.27 may 2014 Man found guilty for cruelly mistreating a two month old dog
2014.05.17 may 2014 Man charged for shooting a puppy and throwing it in the trash
2014.01.22 january 2014 Man charged hitting a puppy locked in a bag against the ground
2013.08.02 august 2013 Man Sentenced for the Crime of Animal Abuse for Hitting a Puppy