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2014.09.24 september 2014 The Parliament of Galicia approve the New Protection Animal Law
2014.09.19 september 2014 Meetings about the new animal ordinance in Roquetas de Mar
2014.08.05 august 2014 Animal abuse in Mexican circus. Fine and seizure by the Public Prosecutor for the environment
2014.07.18 july 2014 Man sentenced to a 180 Euro fine for abusing his German Shepherd
2014.05.19 may 2014 3,200 Euro fine for Mister Guau for the sale of infirm animals
2014.04.01 april 2014 Debate over the proposed law which would qualify animal abuse as a crime and sentence perpetrators to jail in Peru
2014.03.09 march 2014 LIMA.- Animal defense collectives request that aggressors receive prison sentences for acts of extreme cruelty
2014.03.03 march 2014 Modification of the Municipal Ordinance of Barcelona
2013.12.20 december 2013 Fine of 3001 Euros for the private breeding and sale of pets
2013.12.03 december 2013 Fine of 2000 Euros for abandoning a dog
2013.12.02 december 2013 Man Sentenced for abandoning six puppies in the trash
2013.10.10 october 2013 An administrative fine of 1200 Euros for dog abuse