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2014.08.14 august 2014 Owner of a malnourished dog in critical state charged on the presumption of animal abuse in Castellón
2014.08.09 august 2014 Man travels with a dog tied to the car bumper (Asturias). Reports for misdemeanor or crime of animal abuse.
2014.08.08 august 2014 The Director of a Protector Association in Fuerteventura charged on the presumption of animal abuse.
2014.07.18 july 2014 Man charged for abusing a Puppy which destroyed a 50 Euro bill (Vigo)
2014.06.23 june 2014 Animal abuse will be considered a crime in Mexico
2014.06.14 june 2014 Two men arrested in Almería for a presumed crime against protected fauna for selling protected turtles online
2014.06.02 june 2014 Owner of a dog which died due to heat in a car found guilty
2014.05.29 may 2014 Man charged for having two dogs in a state of abandonment, one of which died
2014.05.27 may 2014 Man arrested for placing poisoned traps and Causing the death of animals
2014.05.27 may 2014 Four men charged for abuse of five roosters used for fighting
2014.05.27 may 2014 Man charged alter finding the cadavers of ten dogs in a cave
2014.05.21 may 2014 A network dedicated to the illegal trafficking of protected species broken up
2014.05.17 may 2014 Man charged for shooting a puppy and throwing it in the trash
2014.05.15 may 2014 Two men charged for the abuse and deaths of six greyhounds
2014.05.15 may 2014 New cases of horses with their legs bound reported in Monte de Domaio
2014.05.15 may 2014 The Argentine city of Gualeguaychú suspends the jineteada to evaluate if animal abuse exists
2014.05.14 may 2014 Owner of an illegal kennel charged on the presumption of animal abuse and for harm against public health
2014.05.13 may 2014 Man who beat and threw his dog from the first floor charged on the presumption of animal abuse
2014.05.10 may 2014 Kennel in Murcia investigated for the presumed crime of animal abuse
2014.05.09 may 2014 Woman sentenced to five months in prison for throwing two dogs and a cat through her window
2014.05.05 may 2014 The director of a swine farm accused of animal abuse for abandoning his animals
2014.05.02 may 2014 Costa Rica prohibits and criminally punishes dog fights
2014.05.01 may 2014 Man arrested after dogs were found in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions (Zaragoza)
2014.05.01 may 2014 Married couple reported for throwing their neighbor’s dog out the window (Oviedo)
2014.04.22 april 2014 For the first time a person could go to prison for animal abuse
2014.04.16 april 2014 The cases of actions against brown bears continue
2014.04.15 april 2014 The Provincial Audience reopens the case against the city councilor accused of killing a dog
2014.04.14 april 2014 Man charged for the crime of animal abuse after shooting a cat with a shotgun
2014.04.03 april 2014 Man absolved after being accused of hanging a dog
2014.04.03 april 2014 Woman to be tried for throwing two dogs and a cat from the third floor
2014.03.27 march 2014 Man given six months in prison for beating his dog to death
2014.03.25 march 2014 Man charged for animal abuse after shooting his hunting dogs
2014.03.22 march 2014 The Provincial Audience absolves a man sentenced for illegal hunting in a private reserve
2014.03.21 march 2014 Sentenced for illegally trafficking monkeys
2014.03.21 march 2014 Man Charged with ilegal trafficking of Fringillidae birds
2014.03.19 march 2014 Ranchers charged on the presumption of liability claims scandal
2014.03.15 march 2014 Man charged for shooting a dog and throwing it in a container
2014.03.08 march 2014 Livestock manager charged with animal abuse
2014.02.27 february 2014 Sentencing for a hunting reserve guard who shot and killed a dog
2014.02.27 february 2014 Two men charged in the case of the mass grave of dead dogs plead before the judge
2014.02.26 february 2014 Previous investigation opened against a woman for abusing her dog
2014.02.26 february 2014 Man charged for abuse and abandonment of six dogs
2014.02.13 february 2014 Two men charged with an ecological crime for killing three wild boars
2014.02.05 february 2014 Six months in prison for hitting a dog with an axe
2014.01.31 january 2014 The Prosecutor requests eight months in prison for killing neighbor´s cats
2014.01.28 january 2014 Men implicated in an illegal slaughterhouse arrested for public health offense
2014.01.28 january 2014 Organizers of an underground cock-fighting ring arrested
2014.01.23 january 2014 Man arrested as the presumed perpetrator of animal abuse in Monzón
2014.01.22 january 2014 Man sentenced to six months in jail for killing animals with poison and unauthorized traps
2014.01.22 january 2014 Man charged hitting a puppy locked in a bag against the ground
2014.01.22 january 2014 Prosecution presses for charges against the director of the Animal Park for document falsification
2014.01.15 january 2014 Prosecutor asks for a year imprisonment for throwing a dog from the sixth floor
2014.01.15 january 2014 New Charges for Horses’ Deaths and Horse Trafficking in a Riding School
2014.01.13 january 2014 Man condemned for torturing, mutilating and killing cats from a protector society
2014.01.05 january 2014 Man sentenced to three months in prison for beating a dog
2013.12.20 december 2013 Prosecutor requests two years in prison for two men suspected of killing a brown bear
2013.12.20 december 2013 Proceedings opened to investigate the death of a dog thrown from a balcony
2013.12.03 december 2013 Three months in prison for killing his dog, which he hanged because it bothered him
2013.12.02 december 2013 The hearing continues in the case of the Park Animals
2013.12.02 december 2013 Man charged with allowing his dog to die from hunger
2013.11.20 november 2013 The Valencian Goverment cancels the special authorization conceded for hunting with the parany technique
2013.11.04 november 2013 Man arrested for attacking his wife and killing the family dog which he threw out the window
2013.10.28 october 2013 Charged with the presumed crime of animal abuse after being identified in a video about dog fights
2013.10.28 october 2013 Two persons detained for the ownership of a mare in conditions of abandonment
2013.10.28 october 2013 Owner of an equestrian center detained for the death of 12 horses and the serious abandonment of many others
2013.10.28 october 2013 Complaint by the Public Prosecutor of Málaga against the owner of a mare for the presumed crime of animal abuse
2013.10.18 october 2013 Stronger sentence for animal abuse applied in appeals process after sentecngnig in district court
2013.10.18 october 2013 The presumed perpetrator of the death of a dog in Motril will be judged for the crime of animal abuse
2013.10.10 october 2013 Local Police remove a dog from its owner for the presumed crime of animal abuse
2013.09.30 september 2013 Man sentenced to four months in prison for shooting a dog
2013.09.23 september 2013 Two men charged with poaching in a protected zone in Tarragona
2013.09.22 september 2013 Woman condemned for breaking a dog’s pelvis with a stick
2013.09.22 september 2013 Man sentenced to eight months in prison for attempting to kill a dog by beating it