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2014.07.16 july 2014 Barcelona to create a registry of animal abusers
2014.05.19 may 2014 3,200 Euro fine for Mister Guau for the sale of infirm animals
2014.05.07 may 2014 The Catalan Parliament approves the processing of a circus animal ban
2014.03.26 march 2014 Sixty four birds of endangered species confiscated in a travelling market
2014.03.13 march 2014 The Animal Protectors (CIPAC) denounce the carelessness and inaction of the Generalitat
2013.09.23 september 2013 A Barcelona Judge considers the bull fights for tourists in Alfara de Carles (Tarragona) illegal and prohibited
2010.09.28 september 2010 What's left of the sumer
2010.08.12 august 2010 Bulls and bullfighters