keyword: Abandonment

2014.09.23 september 2014 Man sentenced for a misdemeanour of animal abuse for letting his two dogs die from hunger and neglect. (Pontevedra)
2014.08.27 august 2014 UPyD reiterates the need to strengthen the penalties for animal abandonment and abuse in Murcia
2014.08.14 august 2014 Owner of a malnourished dog in critical state charged on the presumption of animal abuse in Castellón
2014.08.01 august 2014 Administrative fine for neglecting 48 dogs in Mogán (Gran Canaria)
2014.07.10 july 2014 The Mayor of Calvarrasa de Abajo (Salamanca) denounces the abandonment and abuse of a donkey and the inactivity of public administrations
2014.07.09 july 2014 PACMA charges that the Principality of Asturias authorizes the reduction in the number of “abandoned” dogs in Laviana
2014.06.26 june 2014 Municipal Kennel currently in construction in San Rafael (Argentina)
2014.05.29 may 2014 Man charged for having two dogs in a state of abandonment, one of which died
2014.05.20 may 2014 Sanctioning procedures started against the Municipal Government of Marbella for abandoning horses
2014.05.20 may 2014 Hunter reported for presumably abusing his dogs
2014.05.12 may 2014 UPyD proposes a Framework Law for Domestic Animal Protection to Congress
2014.05.09 may 2014 Woman sentenced to five months in prison for throwing two dogs and a cat through her window
2014.05.05 may 2014 The director of a swine farm accused of animal abuse for abandoning his animals
2014.04.13 april 2014 Administrative report for starving a horse to death
2014.04.13 april 2014 UPyD Murcia requests accelerating the creation of a new Animal Protection Law
2014.03.31 march 2014 Prosecutor requests 10 months in prison on the presumption of animal abuse for allowing two horses to die
2014.03.22 march 2014 Man charged on the presumption of animal abuse and abandonment of a mare in Villanueva del Ariscal (Seville)
2014.03.13 march 2014 Man charged for abusing and abandoning animals
2014.03.04 march 2014 The City Governments of Catalonia propose the need to modify the law to put down animals
2014.02.26 february 2014 Man charged for abuse and abandonment of six dogs
2014.02.25 february 2014 Six months imprisonment requested for the owner of a dog who died locked in an apartment
2013.12.03 december 2013 Fine of 2000 Euros for abandoning a dog
2013.12.02 december 2013 Man Sentenced for abandoning six puppies in the trash
2013.12.02 december 2013 Man charged with allowing his dog to die from hunger
2013.10.28 october 2013 Two persons detained for the ownership of a mare in conditions of abandonment
2013.10.28 october 2013 Owner of an equestrian center detained for the death of 12 horses and the serious abandonment of many others
2013.10.28 october 2013 Complaint by the Public Prosecutor of Málaga against the owner of a mare for the presumed crime of animal abuse
2013.09.22 september 2013 Judicial proceedings for the case of 48 dogs lodged in a small house
2013.08.02 august 2013 Woman Charged with Animal Abuse and Abandonment for the Presumed Crime of Intentionally Running over her Dog
2013.08.02 august 2013 Provisional Stay of Proceedings Initiated for the Presumed Crime of Animal Abuse in Estepona
2012.10.02 october 2012 Three months in prison and 800 € for compensation for beating to death a dog