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2017.08.20 Carla Campanaro
august 2017
Crustaceans as sentient beings and their mistreatment. Sentence n. 30177/2017 of the Third Criminal Section of Italian Supreme Court
2015.07.20 Gerard Palà Oliva
july 2015
Civil liability for damages caused by a dog. Commentary on the Judgment 303/2011 , of 14th of June, of the Provincial Court of Madrid
2015.06.08 José Antonio Jiménez Buendía
june 2015
Hunting with mistletoe and electrical league or claim, in barracks, or also called 'parany'. Comment on sentences after the reform of article 336 CP
2015.04.08 Anna Mulà
april 2015
Tests of bravery or ‘tientas’. Comment on the Sentence 44/15, of 20th January, of the Administrative Judge nr. 17 of Barcelona
2015.03.05 Irene Jiménez López
march 2015
Liability on traffic accidents with hunting species involved: Comment on the Sentence nr. 228/2014, of 10th September, of the Provincial Court of A Coruña (Section 6)
2015.02.15 Gustavo Federico de Baggis
february 2015
Application of Hábeas Corpus for Orangutan Sandra. Comment on the Sentence of the Federal Court of Criminal Appeals of the City of Buenos Aires, 18th December 2014.
december 2014
2014.10.16 Magda Oranich
october 2014
Shared custody and visitation of a companion animal. Commentary on Sentence of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, Section 12 (SAP B 465/2014)
2014.07.09 Cristina Bécares Mendiola
july 2014
Commentary on the Draft of the Pre-Project for the Law which establishes the Basic regulation for the sale and responsible ownership of dogs and cats
2014.06.06 Miriam Cugat Mauri
june 2014
Abandonment of a dog. Commentary on Sentence 235/2007, of 3 May, from District Court n° 2 of Albacete, which sentences a woman for the crime of abandonment (art. 631.2 Criminal Code)
2014.05.06 Elizabeth Montero Romero
may 2014
Ban on the use of animals in circuses in Mexico. Summary of the Agreement resolving the judicial decrees related to the suspension regarding to the indirect constitutional claim brought by the National Union of Entrepreneurs and Artists of Mexican Circuse
2014.04.16 María González Lacabex
april 2014
Commentary on the ban on using animals in lotteries or as publicity prizes in the laws of animal protection
2014.04.04 Carmen Navarro Villanueva
april 2014
Civil Suit for sale of dog of a different breed, hidden defects and others. Commentary of the Sentence by the Provincial Audience of Barcelona, 16th Section, 9 April 2013
2015.08.14 Marta Sánchez Ramírez
august 2015
Injuries caused by a tiger in a circus. Comment of the Sentence 349/2008, of 16th of June, of the Provincial Court of Madrid (section 13)
2015.09.08 Raquel Gutiérrez Polo
september 2015
Toro de la Vega. Comment on the Sentence 518/2015, of 17th March, 2015, of the Superior Court of Castilla y Leon, administrative section
2017.06.09 Javier Ernesto Baquero Riveros
june 2017
The future of shows with live animals in Colombia
2017.01.23 María González Lacabex
january 2017
Doping of oxens in stone dragging competitions. Commentary of the Judgment 214/2016 of 2nd September, of the Criminal Court Nr. 4 of Bilbao
2016.11.08 Francisco Capacete González
november 2016
Effectiveness of habeas corpus to free a chimpanzee (Cecilia). Commentary on the Judgment of November 3, 2016 Third Trial Court of the State of Mendoza (Argentina)
2016.09.06 María González Lacabex
september 2016
Animal abuse in a canine and feline hotel. Commentary of the Judgment 318/2015 of 9th November, of the Criminal Court Nr. 3 of Donostia
2016.08.06 Marc Cano Moreno
august 2016
Cockfight. Commentary on the Judgement 502/2015, of 23rd of December, of the Provincial Court of Tarragona
2016.07.11 Carles-Joan Lorente Rivera
july 2016
Death of the dog called ‘Blas’. Comment on the Judgment Nr. 72/2016, 30th March 2016, of the Criminal Court Nr. 3 of Santander
2016.04.18 Nuria Menéndez de Llano
april 2016
Animal abuse: Public employee kills a cat with a shovel. Commentary on the Judgment 12/2015, of 12th January, of the Criminal Court N. 4 of Valladolid
2016.03.31 Salomé Zanoguera Molinero
march 2016
Effective imprisonment for letting his dog die of hunger. Commentary on the Judgment No. 208/2015, 28th May, of the Criminal Court 2 of Palma de Mallorca, and the Resolution of the 13rd of October, 2015, of the Criminal Court 8 of Palma de Mallorca
2016.02.09 María González Lacabex
february 2016
Colonies of feral cats. Comment on the Judgment Nr. 491/2014, 14th October 2014, of the Court of Administrative Litigation Nr. 5 of Madrid
2015.12.17 David Khoar Torralba
december 2015
Civil liability for damages caused by dogs. Ownership and possession of animals. Commentary on the Judgment 349/2011, of 13rd of July, of the Provincial Court of Biscay
2015.11.04 Manuel Molina Domínguez
november 2015
Condemnatory sentence for the death of the horse ‘Sorky das Pont’. Comment on the Sentence 173/2015, of 30th April, of the Criminal Court No. 7 of Palma de Mallorca, and on the Auto of 21st of September 2015, of the Criminal Court No. 8 of Palma
2015.10.16 Nuria Menéndez de Llano
october 2015
Poaching: Death of the Bear Porley. Commentary on the Judgment 186/2015, of 10th July, of the Criminal Court No. 2 of Oviedo
2014.03.06 Cristina Bécares Mendiola
march 2014
Injuries caused by a dog bite. Absolution for the misdemeanor against public interests according to article 631.1 of the Criminal Code. Sentence, Provincial Audience of Toledo 5/2014, dated 8 January 2014
2014.02.01 Carlos Andrés Contreras López
february 2014
The use of primates in malaria prevention research. Commentary on the Sentence by the Council of the State of Colombia from 26 November 2013.
2012.05.17 Sabine Brels
may 2012
Animal welfare: a new general and constitutional principle of EU law. Jippes Case, CJEU, 2001
2012.03.12 Crístian Oró Martínez
march 2012
Joint custody. Sentencia del Juzgado de Primera Instancia núm. 2 de Badajoz de 7 de octubre de 2010 y sentencia de la Audiencia Provincial de León (Sección 1ª) de 25 de noviembre de 2011
2011.06.06 Pilar López de la Osa Escribano
june 2011
Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia de las Comunidades Europeas (Sala Quinta) de 9 de diciembre de 2010
2011.05.17 Oriol Caudevilla Parellada
may 2011
Sentencia 198 de 2009, Supreme Court of India (criminal), Bharat Amratlal Kothari and another Appellants Versus Dosukhan Samadkhan Sindhi & others.
2011.04.06 José Antonio Jiménez Buendía
april 2011
Sentencia 204/2010, 29 de abril, de la Sección Segunda de la Audiencia Provincial de Tarragona
2011.01.31 Alejandro Sanvicente
january 2011
Sentencia 272/2010, de 1 de diciembre, del Juzgado de Primera Instancia nº1 El Ferrol.
2010.09.28 Heron Santana Gordillo
september 2010
Sentencia Habeas Corpus n. 833085-3/2005. The 9th Criminal Court of the State of Bahia (Brazil). Case Suiça vs. Zoological Garden of the City of Salvador.
2010.08.12 Nuria Vila Rodríguez
august 2010
Sentencia 183/09, de treinta de marzo, Juzgado de Instrucción nº 19 de Barcelona
2010.07.02 Judith Solé Resina
july 2010
Sentencia 149/08, de trece de marzo, Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona, Sección decimosexta.
2010.06.09 Carmen Requejo Conde
june 2010
Abandono. Comentario a la Sentencia 135/10 del Juzgado de lo Penal nº 4 de Bilbao (Bizkaia) de 25 de marzo de 2010
2010.05.24 Susana Navas Navarro
may 2010
Sentencia 577/2009 de 14 de octubre de 2009, Audiencia Provincial de Valencia, sección 11ª
2010.03.21 María Isabel Aranda Jordán
march 2010
Sentencia 195/09, de treinta de noviembre, Juzgado de Instrucción nº4 de Granada
2012.10.24 Peter L. Fitzgerald
october 2012
Compensation to a police woman for the reassignation of her police dog: Keohane vs. Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis ET/3300265/2011 & ET/3300293/2012 19 September 2012
2012.12.03 Daniel Dorado Alfaro
december 2012
Claim for the death of a dog caused by the biting of another dog. Judgment of the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 2 of Torrijos (05/10/2012)
2014.01.07 María Ysàs Solanes
january 2014
Agression at the dog off-leash area. Non-refusable civil liability in article 1905 of the Spanish Civil Code. Commentary on Sentence of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, 23-5-2013 (SAP B 5796/2013)
2013.12.03 Sergio García-Valle
december 2013
Case of the hanged greyhounds in Fuensalida, named Iniesta and Bola, 5 years old and 22 months old. Sentence 389/2013 of 15/10/2013, Criminal Court no. 1 of Toledo, Abbreviated proceedings no. 9/2012. Magistrate: The Honorable Carmelo Ordoñez Fernández
2013.11.11 Olivier Le Bot
november 2013
Shark attacks in a French island: the administrative judge rejects the killing of sharks and orders information for the population (EC, ord. 13 July 2013, Ministry of the Interior against the Municipality of Saint-Leu, nº 370902)
2013.10.03 Mertxe Landera Luri
october 2013
The crime of 'hunting' with poison through a jurisprudence case: Sentence of 24 September 2012, from Criminal Court Judge no. 5 of Zaragoza, and the appeal before the Provincial Audience
2013.09.08 José Antonio Jiménez Buendía
september 2013
Commentary on STC 114/2013, dated 18 May, about the parany as a traditional method of capture and hunting of thrushes in the Valencian Community
2013.08.10 Ana Sanz Rojas
august 2013
Denial of shared custody and care of a dog in the Sentence by the Judge of District Court no. 40 of Madrid
2013.07.11 María González Lacabex
july 2013
Condemned for the crime of animal abuse: Sentence no. 363/2013 of Magistrate Court no. 4 of Barakaldo (Biscay)
2013.06.19 Carlos Serrano Núñez
june 2013
Imprisonment for the use of traps on horses: Comments on judgment No 88/13, Criminal Court No. 3 of Pontevedra, of March 19, 2013
2013.05.06 Olivier Le Bot
may 2013
Suspension the sacrifice of two elephants in the Lyon Zoo. Sentence no. 364751 of the Conseil d'État (Council of State, France)
2013.03.28 Anna Mulà
march 2013
Experimentación con animales: Sentencia del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Cataluña nº 315, de 31 de marzo de 2006
2013.02.08 José Manuel Ríos Corbacho
february 2013
Maltrato de animales: Sentencia del Juzgado de lo penal nº 5 de Bilbao (Bizkaia) nº 11/2013 de 17 de enero de 2013.
2012.12.20 Juan Ignacio Serra
december 2012
Dogs are not just ‘things’: DEFINITIVE CASE number 86 of the Civil, Commercial and Administrative Court of Appellation of the First Nomination of the Second Judicial Circumscription of Río Cuarto (Argentina).
2010.02.01 Guillermo Arias
february 2010
Sentencia 466/07, de dieciseis de mayo, Juzgado de Primera Instancia núm. 32 de Barcelona