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2017.09.13 september 2017
keys law, legal , case law , animal
Marita Giménez-Candela on the radio La Ventana Cadena SER
2015.01.09 january 2015
keys law, legal , case law , animal
dA.info now on YouTube!
2014.08.21 august 2014
keys Martina Pluda, sheep , Dorli , radio
The case of sheep Dorli on the radio with Martina Pluda from dA
2014.08.21 august 2014
keys Carlos Contreras, Ámbito Jurídico , Interview
Defending animals from the legal perspective is possible. How? Dr. Carlos Contreras explains it to us in his interview for “Ámbito Jurídico”
2014.08.21 august 2014
keys Global Animal Law, conferenc , Barcelona
The success of the II Global Animal Law conference in Barcelona
2014.06.30 june 2014
keys Julia Havenstein, cattle markets
Julia Havenstein, former student of the Master in Animal Law and Society of the UAB (2nd. ed.) featured in German documentary on cattle markets in the EU
2014.01.23 january 2014
keys law, legal , case law , animal
Giménez-Candela on radio Estel
2017.01.18 january 2017
keys law, legal , case law , animal
ICALP at El Periódico
2016.07.24 july 2016
keys law, legal , case law , animal
ICALP at El País
2016.06.08 june 2016
keys law, legal , case law , animal
2013.07.25 july 2013
keys Animal Rights, Animal Law , Animal Welfare , Dolphis
Echoes in the press of the op-ed article from July, 'Dolphins: An Ethical Question'
2013.07.12 july 2013
keys law, legal , case law , animal
Inaugurating a new section: 'News from the Courts'
2011.08.14 august 2011
keys interview, Steven M. Wise , animal law
Steven WISE: 'Animals are treated by the Law as things'
2011.07.19 july 2011
keys Master degree Animal Law and Society, UAB , juridical compared perspective
The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) begins the first European Master degree in Animal Law and Society.
2011.06.16 june 2011
keys master class, Wise , animal rights
Animal Rights Defender Steven Wise Visits UAB
2011.02.28 february 2011
keys animals, responsibility , experimentation , corporate
Postgraduate Diploma of Animal Law
2011.02.07 february 2011
keys animal welfare law, Spanish Penal Code , animal abuse , animal neglect
T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: An animal may be mistreated in Spain if it is justified.
2011.01.25 january 2011
keys domesticated, animals , pets
Teresa Giménez-Candela: Selling fur from dogs and cats is prohibited and it must be denounced
2010.12.24 december 2010
keys Roman law, animal abuse , humiliation , ridicule animal
Teresa Giménez, Animal Law Postgraduate: we are similar to animals in suffering capacity
2010.12.24 december 2010
keys Animals feel pain, anxiety , physical and psychological suffering , isolation
Presentation of the report prepared by the National High-Level Expert Comission
2011.10.05 october 2011
keys case law, animal , UAB
dA webCenter, referenced at Revista l'Autònoma of the UAB
2012.01.10 january 2012
keys Animal law, Master degree in animal law , consumers , animal welfare
Teresa Giménez-Candela, Animal welfare depends on the consumers
2013.04.19 april 2013
keys animal law, eurogroup , EGALS , acts
Report on the first working meeting for EGALS in Paris
2013.03.21 march 2013
keys retransmissions, classes , master
The retransmissions of the Master of Animal and Society are attracting a lot of interest online
2013.02.01 february 2013
keys eurogroup, case law , animal , egals
Launch of the EuroGroup for Animal Law Studies
2012.07.20 july 2012
keys master degree in animal law and society, iustel
The Master Degree in Animal Law and Society, highlighted in the legal website Iustel
2012.07.19 july 2012
keys ads, oriol caudevilla , case law , animal
Oriol Caudevilla ADS Research Group Member: 'Effort is not sufficiently valued in Spain'
2012.02.28 february 2012
keys domesticated, mistreatment
T.GIMÉNEZ-CANDELA: Pioneer in Animal Law teaching in Spain
2012.03.07 march 2012
keys law, legal , case law , animal
DG SANCO, General Council, EVP and UAB organized the second European workshop on animal welfare professionals.
2010.11.03 november 2010
keys Bull, bullfighting , animal cruelty , correbous
The other Catalonia bulls, in "El escarabajo verde"