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Local entities and animal protection


AUTHOR: Francisco Capacete González. Practicing Lawyer, specialist in Animal Law. Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Balearic Islands. Master in Animal Law and Society from the UAB. Representative in Balearic for the Great Ape Project. Consultant of the animal protection platform BALDEA, of the animal protection agency Basta Ya de Maltrato Animal and of the Mapache Sanctuary. Has contributed to the modification of the Law for the Protection of Animals of the Balearic Islands for the prohibition of the running of the bulls. Has contributed to the composition of the draft of the Regulation of the Centre of Animal Protection for the Municipalities of Ibiza and Calvia, in Balearic. Columnist for the Mallorca Daily and Esfinge magazine. Philosopher

TITLE: ELocal entities and animal protection


ISSN 2462-7518


In this short article we focus on those competences that are directly related to animal protection, avoiding all others that are not relevant. The competences pertaining to animals have to be developed and enforced according to Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. They shell therefore take into account that animals, as sentient beings, enjoy adequate welfare conditions. Despite living in a globalized and interconnected world in which it is necessary to have a broad perspective to act effectively, local action is of great importance in the protection of animals. In Spain, the municipalities and other local entities have a series of competences pertaining to animals. This transfer of competence allows the citizen to act locally in defense of animal rights.


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