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Municipal legislation progresses: Calviá


AUTHOR: Francisco Capacete González. Practicing Lawyer, specialist in Animal Law. Graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Balearic Islands. Master in Animal Law and Society from the UAB. Representative in Balearic for the Great Ape Project. Consultant of the animal protection platform BALDEA, of the animal protection agency Basta Ya de Maltrato Animal and of the Mapache Sanctuary. Has contributed to the modification of the Law for the Protection of Animals of the Balearic Islands for the prohibition of the running of the bulls. Has contributed to the composition of the draft of the Regulation of the Centre of Animal Protection for the Municipalities of Ibiza and Calvia, in Balearic. Columnist for the Mallorca Daily and Esfinge magazine. Philosopher



PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, April 2017

ISSN 2462-7518


The Municipal Ordinance on the wellbeing and tenancy of animals living in human surroundings was published on the 25th of May of last year by the Council of Calviá (Mallorca). This new ordinance finds itself at the vanguard of municipal regulation as it brings together the legal and doctrinal tendencies that are currently opening a gap in contemporary society.

The ordinance takes a decidedly protectionist approach toward animals and, more specifically, the concept of animal welfare, aiming to guarantee them a lifestyle in accordance with with both their natural conditions and basic requirements regarding treatment, hygiene, care, protection, and facilitating their integral and natural development. The development of increasingly protectionist regulations is closely linked with the perception of animals as sentient beings.

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