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Could Article 515-14 of the French Civil Code begin to bear fruit?


AUTHOR: Anaële Genet, degree in law from the University of Strasbourg (France), student of the 6th Ed. of the Master in Animal Law and Society of UAB, legal correspondent for France on the web www.derechoanimal.info

TITLE: Could Article 515-14 of the French Civil Code begin to bear fruit?

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, April 2017
ISSN 2462-7518


Since the 15th February 2015, the french civil code recognizes, in the article 515-14, animals as sentient beings. In a trial that took place in Clermont Ferrant the 31th Janury 2017, a lawyer relied on this article to request a compensation for a Brittany Spaniel dog called “Eden” for the suffering endured. The facts were that a dog called “Garfield” entered on the Eden’s owner’s property, and the two animals mated. Few months later Eden bore seven puppies but got ill until the removal of its cervix was necessary. The owner went to court and claimed damages. The novelty results on the possible compensation for the suffering of the dog itself.

Waiting for the court’s answer on the 14th March 2017, let’s hope the judgement will bring us on step closer to the animal’s extraction of the property regime and more comparable to regime of persons.

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