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Exposition and Defense of Master Final Project


AUTHOR: Jerico Fiestas Flores. Bachellor in Economy. Master in Animal Law and Society (4th edition). Master in Ecological Economics

TITLE: Exposition and Defense of Master Final Project



On September 15th, 2015, in the Aula Magna of the Law Faculty of the University of Barcelona, took place the presentation and defense of the Master Final Project (TFP) of the Master in Animal Law and Society. This act is not only the last step to obtain a Master in Animal Law, but is the result of arduous research by each student. The presentations were divided into two blocks. The first one, focused on Social Sciences, featured the presentations of Pluda Martina Enrica, Maria Isabel Aristizabal Bustamante and Jerico Fiestas Flores. This was chaired by Dr. Heron Santana Gordilho (Universidade Federal da Bahia), and formed by doctors Carlos Contreras (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Jose Antonio Jimenez Buendia (Autonomous University of Barcelona). In the second block, focused on Animal Welfare the presentation of Nicole Batista Pereira, Sara Hernandez and Shantal Hébrand Maroun were held. The jury was presided by DVM. Martí Pumarola (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and attended the doctors Heron Santana Gordilho and Carlos Contreras. When the presentations of each block were finished, the jury met to discuss and give their statement to the papers presented. The six students were able to approve the presentation and defense of the TFP, so now the field of animal law has six new professionals in the ability to conduct research and propose policies for the benefit of the animals.

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