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Humane Society International an essential partnership for the Master in Animal Law and Society


AUTHORS: Jéssica Lauren Steffen. Graduated in Law, Master in Animal Law and Society (4ª ed.) and Chiara Bellone de Grecis- Master in Animal Law and Society (4ª ed.)

TITLE: The Humane Society International as cooperating entity with the Master in Animal Law and Society, an essential partnership



This article aims at addressing the collaboration between the Master in Animal Law and Society and the Humane Society International. The text retraces the history of the HSI, from its birth as The Humane Society of the United States to the great organization it has become today. The work of this organization has changed and developed over time, eventually realizing, with the advent of globalization, the need to expand its work over the boundaries of the sole United States, branching out to Center and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The ability to adapt and answer to the much more extended necessities caused by globalization, the size of the organization and the broad spectrum of issues it covers, makes it evident why it is a privilege for our Master to have established this collaboration with Humane Society International and to offer the students such a great opportunity for training and gain hands on experience in the field of animal protection.

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