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July 2014


During this period, various pieces of news related to Animal Law activity have been published:

ANPBA requests a ban on the “bous al carrer” [bulls on the street] in Sagunt

Barcelona to create a registry of animal abusers

Initial approval for the animal ownership ordinance in Montseny

Sagunto is declared a municipality against the abuse of animals

The Government clarifies that it will not prohibit the sale of dogs and cats in shops

IU proposes that Almuñécar is declared an anti-bullfighting municipality

India prohibits the import of foie gras due to the abuse of ducks

Request to the Government of Navarra to clarify the state of all animal abuse charges presented since 1994 and supposedly archived

The Municipal Government of Talavera delimits spaces to allow dogs to run free

A Illa de Arousa considers reducing the tax to register potentially dangerous dogs

The Municipal Government of Ontur to approve its first ordinance on animals

Santa Cruz de Tenerife prohibits the sale of animals on the Rastro

Below is a list of legislative news during the period of reference, in chronological order and with a brief reference to their contents:

Updates of the regulation which governs the list of mandatory notified animal illnesses and its communications

Aprobación de las características básicas de la Tarjeta de Movimiento Equina
Approved by the Council of Ministers on 14 July.

municipal LEVEL:

Initial approval of the regulatory ordinance on animal ownership and protection in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid)
Published on 25 July, currently in the initial phase.

Regulatory ordinance on the ownership of dogs and other domestic and companion animals of Arganda del Rey (Madrid)
Published in the Official Bulleting of the Community of Madrid on 12 July.

Modification of the municipal ordinance of companion and potentially dangerous animal ownership of Yaiza (Las Palmas)
Published in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Las Palmas on 16 July. Submitted for processing to the Public Audience for a period of thirty days.

Municipal Ordinance on Animal Ownership in the Municipality of Chipiona (Cádiz)
Aprobada en el pleno del día 11 de julio y publicada en el Boletín Oficial de Cádiz núm. 144/2014 de 30 de julio.

Municipal ordinance about the ownership of companion animals of La Rambla (Córdoba)
Published in the Official Bulletin of Córdoba no. 130/2014 of 8 July.

Definitive approval of the regulatory ordinance on the ownership of potentially dangerous animals and the tax for the issuance and registry of the license to own potentially dangerous animals in the municipality of Sobrescobio (Asturias)
Published in the Official Bulletin of the Principality of Asturias no. 156/2014 of 7 July.

Announcement about the initial approval of the Regulatory Ordinance on animal ownership in the municipality of Montseny
Published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia no. 6668/2014 of 21 July.


Commentary regarding the prohibition of circuses with animals in Mexico: social debate and legal proposals.

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